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  • Update on Life:

    » In this new interview Damian Lewis spoke about how much he and his family are enjoying spending time in Los Angeles for the filming of Life (the Lewis family are welcome to stay in the US for as long as they wish – the American fans are very happy to have them here!) 😀

    » Click here for an interesting article about the music featured on Life.

    » This review of Fill It Up (episode 11 of Life) says that “Damian Lewis sold everything … (and) made us feel his desperation and fervent need for answers.”

    » Information posted by czero101 at IMDb indicates that the recorded Zen teachings Charlie Crews listens to are from a classic book by Alan Watts called The Way of Zen that is still in print and also available as an audiobook. It is possible that the voice on the recordings is actually Alan Watts (but that has not been confirmed.) This site offers many downloadable recordings of Watts reading from his works.

    » Click here for a new Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) fan video on YouTube.

  • News about Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis:

    » Mark Forrest of Classic FM radio has selected Chromophobia as This Week’s Must-See Movie; a very positive review of the film was featured last night on a program called The Guest List (the review starts approximately 15 minutes into the recording.)

    » Click here and
    here for information about Chromophobia for the December 14th theatrical release in the UK.