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  • Click here to view an interview with Damian Lewis about Life that aired December 3rd on Atlanta and Company. Be advised that when Damian (very unexpectedly) utters the words “softly softly catchee monkey” during the interview he is actually using a British slang phrase that loosely translates as “take it easy” or “play it carefully”!
  • The “Horoscope” section of the December 17th issue of TV Guide features a photo of Damian Lewis as a “celebrity Aquarian” (birthdate February 11th.)
  • The 2-part episode of Life titled “Dig a Hole; Fill It Up” which aired in the US on December 3rd and 5th scored well in viewer ratings according to an NBC press release. ➡
  • Check the CineWorld web site for the Chromophobia screening schedule. The film opens December 14th in the UK at the cinemas listed below:

    Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue

    Cineworld Ashton
    Cineworld Bristol
    Cineworld Castleford
    Cineworld Enfield
    Cineworld Sheffield
    Cineworld Stevenage