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  • Congratulations to Linda from Belgium for discovering this French television coverage for the world premiere of Band of Brothers in Normandy on June 6, 2001 – the anniversary of D-Day. The report includes clips from the series as well as interviews with Damian Lewis, Tom Hanks and others. Nice find, Linda!
  • The region 2 Hungarian DVD for The Baker (written and directed by Gareth Lewis and produced by Adrian Sturges and Damian Lewis who also stars) is available internationally from Filmsarok.

    Just email Mr. Ivanics to order the DVD for A pék (The Baker). The cost is $20 US including shipping and handling and they will accept PayPal and other payment options. The DVD offers both original English and Hungarian (Magyar)-dubbed versions of the film. Click here for instructions, provided by Ann, explaining how to navigate through the Magyar menu to watch the film in the original English without Hungarian subtitles.

    The Baker is also scheduled for theatrical and DVD release in the UK in March 2008. Click here for more information about DVD regions and players.

  • Great news! Nielsen television ratings for the period of December 3rd through 9th show Life starring Damian Lewis ranked 4th overall out of the 19 new television programs that aired in the US that week; click here for the details (MS Word file.)
  • Damian Lewis’s December 5th radio interview with Kevin and Bean on KROQ in Los Angeles is now available for download in MP3 format here (thanks to Kaz and Selene for the clip!)
  • Adam Arkin talks about his role as Ted Earley in Life in this interview posted on Buddy TV.