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  • In a new interview Damian Lewis talks about being a Dad and the selection of the name “Gulliver” for the newest member of the family!
  • In reviewing the television shows of the 2007 season, Los Angeles Times critic Mary McNamara says:

    “Life.” NBC’s new show about Charlie Crews, a cop sprung after 12 years in the pen for a frame job, is the best new show of the season. Balancing Zen and vengeful rage, Crews (Damian Lewis) is the most interesting quirky cop since Columbo.” 😀

  • This Film 4 review of Chromophobia says of Damian Lewis:

    “…Lewis, an actor who has already proved his mettle playing a schizophrenic in Keane and here doesn’t strike a false note. A genuine Everyman, Lewis never overplays the drama …Certainly, whenever Lewis is on screen, the film clips along agreeably, and he manages to elicit some genuine feeling when we discover his life is imploding…aided by Damian Lewis’s strong turn [the film] manages some unexpectedly poignant moments.” 🙂

    Chromophobia was released today in selected UK cinemas; click here for a review from Real Movie News that states:

    “…Every cast member plays it perfectly, most notably the central duo of Lewis and Scott Thomas, each a contradictory bundle of confidence and self-doubt…”

  • The British region 2 DVD for The Baker will be available for rental (as well as purchase) in the UK as of March 3rd.
  • A special screening of Stormbreaker featuring Damian Lewis as “Yassen the Assassin” took place today at the Boston Public Library as part of their “Films for Teens” series.