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  • Repeat episodes of Life starring Damian Lewis are no longer scheduled to air on January 19th and February 2nd according to the NBC/Universal site. 😥

    Lets’s hope this is just a temporary setback and that NBC plans to rebroadcast and promote this excellent program very soon! 🙁

  • Click here and here for scans of the January 14, 2008 TV Guide article about Damian Lewis and Steve McQueen that Terry has kindly posted at the Photo Gallery Warehouse.
  • All across the Internet fans are still praising Life and Damian Lewis’s wonderful portrayal of Detective Charlie Crews; click on the links below to read some examples:
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  • Congratulations to Helen McCrory! The People’s Choice Awards were announced yesterday and Becoming Jane, featuring Helen in the role of Mrs. Radcliffe, received the “Favorite Independent Film” award! 😀