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  • Talk about luck! Two members of the Damian Lewis Yahoo! Group – Gryffynchan and Michelle – had the opportunity to meet Damian Lewis, Rupert Wyatt, Adrian Sturges, and Daniel Hardy at last night’s Sundance screening of The Escapist! Click here to read Gryffynchan’s thrilling report!
  • Selected comments about The Escapist from Variety reviewer Robert Koehler:

    “…Made with solid, mainstream values by tyro director Rupert Wyatt (who co-wrote with Daniel Hardy) and starring such reliable thesps as Brian Cox and Damian Lewis…”


    “…cold, heartless Rizza (Lewis) heads “The Cons” with a brutal hand…”

    Click here for the full article.

  • This viewer’s comments about The Escapist are posted on IMDB:

    “…Really solid film … I was impressed … it works as a prison break movie and as something deeper…Great acting throughout…”

  • Click here and here for viewer comments about Damian Lewis and his various performances from the blogosphere.