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  • Alex Billington of has selected The Escapist directed by Rupert Wyatt and featuring Damian Lewis as the Best of the (Sundance) Fest saying:

    #1 – The Escapist – Ever since I was a kid, Escape from Alcatraz has been one of my all-time favorite films. The Escapist is like Escape from Alcatraz, but ramped up 10x with more energy, a better score, and as commanding of a lead performance by Brian Cox as Eastwood. This movie just rocked me to the core. It’s almost so good it doesn’t deserve to be at Sundance. The Escapist packs one hell of a punch and is entertaining and energetic from its start to its riveting finish. Great characters, a well-written plot, an intricate escape plan, and that damn score, are all part of what made this my favorite film from this year’s Sundance.

    Click here for Alex’s full review of the film.

  • Thanks to Jen for the update about February television broadcasts of Damian Lewis performances in Australia; check the Schedule for more information about upcoming Damian-related broadcasts, screenings, releases, and events.

    » Movie One 7-Feb 10.30am
    » Movie One 2 7-Feb 12.30pm

    Much Ado About Nothing
    » Hallmark 19-Feb 10.15pm