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  • Damian Lewis will make a guest appearance on GMTV’s Entertainment Today on Friday, February 15th at 8.35 A.M to promote the UK release of his new film The Baker. Damian both stars in and produced the film which opens at the Ritzy PictureHouse in Brixton on February 29th. (Thanks to vashi1964 for the news!)
  • It’s official! NBC has renewed Life starring Damian Lewis for the 2008-09 season and the series will have a “major re-launch” next season; click here to read the NBC/Universal press release and click here for the report from Variety. ➡
  • The Personal Pineapple site
    has posted a new “re-watch and discussion” page for The Fallen Woman, episode 5 of Life.
  • Starworld, the Philippine network, recently began airing episodes of Life and the show is already gaining new fans; click here to read a viewer’s comments about the show.
  • This article provides a description of the Vanity Fair Portraits viewing at the National Portrait Gallery last Monday. Click here to enjoy photos of Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory at the event.