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  • Information posted on Watch With Kristin on E! Online indicates that some of the original writers will no longer be working on NBC’s Life starring Damian Lewis, but the show’s creator Rand Ravich sent assurances stating:

    “It was a learning process. Charlie’s a very difficult person to write; it’s a very fine line. Season one was about learning what the show needed, and I think every first season is kind of a shakedown with crews. I don’t think there were any hard feelings [from the people that left], I just think people went on to do what they want to.”

  • Can you name the mystery song from Life? The opening of the NBC Rewind online version of What They Saw (episode 4 of Life) features a song that no one has been able to identify so far; click here for more information and a sound byte and contact KathyV if you can name this tune! Note: the broadcast version of episode 4 that aired in the US on October 17, 2007 featured a different song, Bloody Bunnies by Gram Rabbit, which is track 8 on

    Click here or here for more information about the great music featured on Life.

  • The trailer for Daniel Craig’s new film Flashbacks of a Fool is now available on YouTube. The movie features Helen McCrory and will open in the UK on April 18th.