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  • Click here for more photos of Damian Lewis at the recent Prince’s Trust & RBS Celebrate Success Awards.
  • The RiverRun International Film Festival in Winston-Salem, NC will screen The Baker on Friday and Saturday, April 25th and 26th.
  • An outdoor “Movies Under the Stars” screening of Stormbreaker with Damian Lewis will take place in Seminole, Florida on April 18th; click here for more information.
  • (Spoilers!) Michael Ausiello of TV Guide had this to say about the second season of Life starring Damian Lewis:

    “Apparently Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis, aka David Caruso with a Sense of Humor) is getting a new coworker. Captain Brian Tidwell, a new, as-yet-uncast series regular, is a hard-drinkin’ and -gamblin’ and -sexin’ kind of a guy, a perfect foil/temptation for Crew’s Zen-spouting goofball flirt. It’s unclear how Tidwell will jell with Charlie’s crabby partner Dani and his roommate/former cellmate Ted, but here’s hoping for a poker night in their collective future.”

  • According to the Media Life site NBC will present their fall season lineup next Wednesday, April 2nd. The article goes on to say that the network has “already handed renewals to two new scripted shows, “Life” and “Chuck,” with the promise that they’ll receive a splashy relaunch next fall…”
  • (Spoilers!) Life will premiere in South Africa on M-Net on March 27th and has selected the program as the “Show of the Week!”
  • (Spoilers!) The Personal Pineapple site has posted a “Re-watch and Discussion” page for Dig a Hole (episode 10 of Life).
  • Keep voting for Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) in TV Guide’s Sexiest Nerd poll!