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  • Click here for a list of all the winning films at the 2008 RiverRun International Film Festival including The Baker starring Damian Lewis, recipient of the “BB&T Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature Film.”

    After you have seen The Baker don’t forget to rate and comment about the film on IMDb and other film industry sites.

  • This LA Times article about the impact on the entertainment industry of the recent labor strike by the Screenwriters Guild confirms recent reports that Life starring Damian Lewis as Detective Charlie Crews will resume filming in June.
  • Cinema Attraction’s review of The Escapist (featuring Damian Lewis) describes the film as:

    “…a tautly paced, cleverly scripted and generally exciting thriller…It is always refreshing to see a British film take on Hollywood at its own game and, by adding the more cerebral elements that mainstream films tend to forego, beat it wholesale.