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  • Click here to view pics of Damian and Sarah filming Life on the streets of LA. Many thanks to Dryope!
  • Box Office Mojo reports that The Escapist opened in 67 theatres in the
    UK and Ireland last week and ranked 17 of 61 films in box office sales for the weekend of June 20 – 22.
  • This review of The Escapist says:

    “…It is a pleasure to watch a film that allows the actors to develop their personalities, refuses to clarify every plot point several times and shows an interest in visual impact: the underground scenes are vividly expressionistic. The moral lessons are discreet, and the tension between the poetic intentions of the story and the harsh context develops into a gripping drama. Engaging and compassionate, The Escapist is a challenging yet refreshing alternative to the blockbuster.”

  • The top ten semi-finalists for best drama and best comedy Emmy Awards were announced today and Life is not a semi-finalist. 😥

    No news yet about the individual awards but the complete list of nominees will be announced on July 17th.

  • A new NBC/Universal press release reveals that the network will begin tracking online viewing for rating purposes starting in July – so be sure to watch (and re-watch) episodes of Life on Hulu,, Amazon Unbox, Global TV and other legitimate, Internet venues.
  • Click here to take part in the “Charlie Crews (caps and icons) Challenge.” 😀
  • Additional information has been disclosed about the Blu-ray edition of Band of Brothers that will be released later this year:

    “…the content will be ramped up with digitally restored episodes, presented in DTS sound, and including new bonus material such as picture-in-picture commentary with the surviving members of Easy Company, as well as existing bonus material such as the Interactive Field Guide featuring timelines, maps, soldier profiles, and much more…”

  • Click here for a new Damian Lewis slideshow posted on YouTube by 66FaNaTiCo65.