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  • The Escapist with Damian Lewis is currently playing in cinemas in the UK and Ireland and has been selected as the “Editor’s Choice” by; click here to find a cinema near you.
  • Click here for a video interview with director Rupert Wyatt that includes clips from his award-winning short film with Brian Cox titled Get the Picture.

    Wyatt said that it took 3 years to raise the financial backing for The Escapist. He also spoke about the differences between making short films and features and about collaborating with Daniel Hardy on the script for The Escapist. He said he wants to create a feature film based on Shakespeare “Sort of The Godfather meets Shakespeare meets action movie!” 😀

  • Melinda reported that a 50-foot high banner of Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews in Life is currently being displayed behind a Universal Studio building in Los Angeles – sounds like a photo opportunity!
    Here are Melinda’s directions:

    “Crews on over 😆 to the corner of La Brea and Wilshire. There’s a short building right on the corner, opposite the Tar Pits, which belongs to Universal. Behind it (if you’re looking at it from the Tar Pits corner) is an Actor’s Guild building. At the back part of the Universal Building, Charlie Crews is hanging out with Patricia Arquette and some people from Heroes. Just a huge banner of each character.”

  • Spoiler warning! Click here for casting information for episode 2.04 of Life.