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  • If you have seen The Escapist with Damian Lewis be sure to rate it and comment about it on IMDb and other film sites. Here are some recent viewer comments for the UK/Ireland release of the film:

    Sharply directed and intense, The Escapist is a triumph!
    20 June 2008
    Author: Tim Morrisson from London (9 stars)
    “One of the best British movies I’ve seen in years, this has it all- a strong cast with Brian Cox turning in the performance of a lifetime – all restraint and pent-up frustration – a script that twists and turns and keeps you guessing and puzzling until the very end… and after! Grim and intensely atmospheric, the film develops into something quite unusual for the genre, and redeems its characters and even its battered viewers in the last act. It shows that a crime movie from the UK doesn’t have to be all flash and swagger, it can have intelligence, sensitivity, originality.”

    A fantastic and intensely enjoyable film
    21 June 2008
    Author: hjw-6 from United Kingdom (10 stars)
    “Only a handful of films have ever been awarded a 10/10 for me – this is one of them…
    I went to see it last night on the first showing in Cardiff and enjoyed it so much that I went with a friend this afternoon to see it again. My friend also agrees with my feelings! …This film ticks all the boxes for me. Strong characters played by talented actors. A complex but ultimately rewarding plot. An intense and superb soundtrack…”

    Grim realism and comic-book adventure meet in this superb prison break drama
    28 June 2008
    Author: Robert_Woodward from United Kingdom (9 stars)
    “Rupert Everett’s new film, The Escapist, is a gripping prison break drama. Beginning in explosive fashion with the instigation of the escape attempt, the film switches back and forth between two chronologically distinct narratives: the story of the escape and the story behind the escape. The result is an inspired combination of grim realism and comic-book adventure…”

    The Escapist Review
    28 June 2008
    Author: joecunningham14 from United Kingdom (9 stars)
    “…A strong British cast is rounded off Damian Lewis whose chilling portrayal of Rizza, the prison’s top convict, is reason to see the film alone…If ‘The Escapist’ achieves nothing else it should secure Brian Cox more leading roles in the future…. It will also hopefully lead to more opportunities for Wyatt, a promising young British talent. Not that this film itself is to be forgotten as just a stepping stone, it is a thrilling ride throughout; flashes to the break-out attempt ensure things continue at a strong pace, never losing grip of your attention. The final scenes are touching and your jaw will hit the floor as the penny-drop moment finally arrives. Ultimately, Wyatt has created a fine example of British cinema that is surprisingly refreshing, proving once again that everybody loves a good prison break…”

  • Fans of Life are working to entertain us as we impatiently wait for new episodes:

    » Britphile7 has created this “angry Charlie Crews” picspam.

    » Snyde1023 has posted a new music video called “Life – Fine Again”.

    » Unicorn23’s comments about Life include: “…why do I consider it the best new show this past TV season? Three things: 1) superb acting by almost everyone especially by the two leads Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi, 2) surprisingly excellent writing and storytelling, and 3) great use of music. What else can you ask for?”