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  • This PopCritic article about Life says:

    “In this summer of Comic-Con, superhero movies, hype about Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes and others, somehow one of my favorite new shows from last season has been overlooked…Maybe there just hasn’t been a lot of news to talk about, but either way, I’ve missed it and am indeed looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Life this coming season.

    One aspect that’s made it even more enticing for me was watching Band of Brothers earlier this summer and gaining even more respect for [Damian] Lewis as an actor. The guy is brilliant, and even though I only first saw him on Life, you could just tell he was something special…”

  • The Hey Nielsen! site provides opportunities for viewers to rate and comment on their favorite TV shows; click here to access their page for Life.

  • This reminder comes from’s PopWatch site:

    “And now, your anglophile calendar for the week…
    Tuesday: DVR Damian Lewis in Keane on Sundance at 2:05pm.”

    Keane will air in the US on the Sundance Channel three times this month:

    Tuesday August 12 at 2:05PM
    Sunday August 24 at 7PM
    Wednesday August 27 at 10PM

  • Reminder! The region 1 (North American) DVD for The Baker, starring and produced by Damian Lewis, will be released in Canada on August 12th. 😀