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  • Both of the new, season 2 promo clips for Life starring Damian Lewis (i.e., “Life Returns” and “Television’s Most Fascinating Detective”) are now available on – and “Fascinating Detective” offers the first glimpses of Donal Logue as the new police captain! 😀

  • A dozen new “thumbnail” pictures of the cast of Life have been posted on the NBC Universal Media site.

  • Take a moment to enroll in the Hey! Nielsen site and declare your support for Life and Detectives Crews and Reese!

  • Season 2 of Life will premiere in the US on September 29th on NBC; click here and here to read what fans are saying about the show – some of the comments include:

    “The interaction between Crews and Reese, Earley’s sidebars, Stark’s background influence, what a show. The actors are matched perfectly, the writing superb. Plots within plots within plots, incredible interaction between the characters, the complexity of it all. TV to feed the brain, not drain it… I was ready to give my TV to Goodwill and use my VCR to hold targets at the range. I might actually buy a DVR for this!”

    “If you haven’t seen the show, you owe it to yourself to do so—it’s easily the best show to come out of network TV, in possibly … forever.”

    “Glad to see I’m not the only Life fan. It’s about the only show that kept me glued to the tv after we got a DVR. In fact, it’s the only show I can recall that I’ve started before it was finished recording (through the magic of DVR) and had to watch live!”

  • The Canadian, region 1 DVD for The Baker starring Damian Lewis is temporarily out-of-stock – but some fans have already received their orders so hopefully the film will be available again very soon.