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  • Spoiler warning! Thanks to adlervan at LifeTV for this scan of an article in today’s issue of Variety about the compelling music used in the NBC serial drama Life starring Damian Lewis.

    The article includes comments from Executive Producer Rand Ravich about two songs that will be featured in upcoming episodes of Life – Season 2.

  • More spoilers! IMDb has posted partial cast lists for the early season 2 episodes of Life.

  • Don’t forget to drop by Buddy TV to cast your vote for season 2 of Life this fall!

  • This viewer’s comments about Damian’s portrayal of Charlie Crews include:

    “…Lewis is powerful and commanding as Charlie Crews; he brings an intensity to the screen that portrays a man divided. Charlie is driven by a thirst to discover ‘why’; but he also attempts to follow the teachings of Zen, which tells him to let go. He’s an outdated man who’s been unable to keep up with developments in the world and has emerged into an almost alien world filled with high tech computers and mobile phones. He has been compared to House and Monk in some reviews as there are echos of that style of character in him, but he’s not a clone of them…I for one will be looking forward to the premiere of the second season…”

  • Here’s another fan’s remarks about Life:

    “….Just a few reasons why I love Life:
    1. Very intelligently written – snarky remarks and all.
    2. Characters are easy to relate to and empathize with.
    3. Damian Lewis. Duh. If I didn’t know he was an actor, I would think he honestly was this character.
    4. Compelling (and note – ORIGINAL) plot that doesn’t over-do it.
    5. Magnificent supporting cast. All have their own issues (a money laundering best friend, a married lawyer hopelessly in love with Crews, a head LAPD officer who knows something and wants Crews off the force, an ex wife with a new husband…”

  • An Emmy magazine interview with actor Hugh Laurie indicates that Damian Lewis was one of the actors under consideration for the role of Dr. House before the part was won by Laurie.