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  • Reminder! Damian Lewis has been advertised as participating in the live “Stand Up To Cancer” fundraising telethon tomorrow night. The show will broadcast simultaneously on all major US networks; click here to view the promo.

  • Life season 1 spoilers! This great review of Life from Nico offers extensive information about the show and also the DVD extras. Here is an excerpt about the program and Damian Lewis’s performance as Charlie Crews:

    “Life is a highly enjoyable series with interesting and well-rounded characters with ample dashes of conspiracy and whodunit. The best thing about Life is the balance between the episodic and season-long story arcs. There is the continuous build of Charlie’s search for the real criminals throughout Season One and, not to ruin it for anyone, the end justifies the screen time…

    There will be comparisons to other quirky leads such as Greg House and …Monk … but I feel like Damian Lewis … has etched out his own niche in the form of Detective Charlie Crews. It’s not the idiosyncrasies that make the character of Charlie work; it’s his constant battle with his feelings. He’s a detective, but he’s been treated like a criminal for over a decade. When he sets himself on the path of revenge, you don’t know where it’s all going to fall. It’s that razor’s edge that gives Lewis’s performance, hate to say it… life.”

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  • The Life Season One DVD is featured in this week’s ads for Best Buy; it’s available at local US stores and online for $19.99.

  • Spoilers! Seacrystal has uploaded the ending scenes from two episodes of Life on YouTube:

  • The eBay auction has ended for the uniform worn by Damian Lewis in Band of Brothers and the item was sold for £820 (or US $1,460!)