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  • A four-minute video titled “Life Recap” is now available in the US on cable television’s On Demand networks. 😀

    The promo summarizes the “Charlie Crews conspiracy” plot from season one and announces that the show is “returning to NBC this fall on a new night with a special premiere on September 29th”. Comcast On Demand viewers will find the clip under “TV Entertainment”, “Fall Previews”, and “NBC”.

  • Spoiler warning! Kristin Dos Santos from E! Online shared these tidbits about the storyline for the upcoming season of Life:

    “…talking about the show Life, remember that young girl Rachel [that] Crews has been searching for? She’s going to pop up in the premiere, leaving Dani Reese’s bad dad Jack Reese in a terrible position. In fact, Reese is going to have some people putting some serious pressure on him. Oh, and Dani also is going to discover that someone at the station has a crush on her.”

  • Full-length episodes of Life will soon be available on Verizon “V Cast” telephones! Click here for more information.

  • Apple has updated iTunes to include HD versions of many TV shows and they are currently offering “Merit Badge” the pilot episode of Life at no charge; click here for more information (and thanks to Terry for the heads up!)