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  • Enjoy this clip of Damian Lewis signing autographs yesterday outside of the Today show studio.

    Thanks to Kaz for capturing Damian’s guest appearances yesterday on Today and CW 11 and adding them to the Multimedia section for our continuing enjoyment!

  • Click here to watch a fantastic video review for Life starring Damian Lewis from Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times who says “There is absolutely nothing about this show that I don’t like!” (Obviously, she’s a very smart woman with impeccable taste!) 😀

    Thanks to Fanovin for the link!

  • th-life-2×01-findyourhappyplace-034.jpg th-life-2×01-findyourhappyplace-174.jpg th-life-2×01-findyourhappyplace-274.jpg th-life-2×01-findyourhappyplace-296.jpg

  • Life gallery update: Click here for screencaps of yesterday’s season 2 premiere “Find Your Happy Place.” Thanks to Daniela!
  • Spoilers! This video promo was posted on YouTube by TubedOutNow2 for Life episode 2.02 “Everything…All the Time”. The episode will air in the US on NBC this Friday, October 3rd.

  • More spoilers! Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi and Life executive producer Rand Ravich gave this terrific interview to MediaBlvd magazine. Click
    here and here for more articles for the season 2 premiere of Life.

  • This excellent Band of Brothers fanmix was created by miss_bennie and fiorie.

  • Enjoy “Too Sexy” – a new wallpaper from Peque.
  • Here is a new Damian music video from Jolaniafi titled “Irresistible.”