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  • Spoiler warning! Once again thanks to dryope for new hi-res images from Life; click here to view new still pictures of Damian Lewis from:

    » Episode 2.05 “Crushed” (US airdate Oct 17, 2008)
    » Episode 2.06 “Did You Feel That?” (US airdate Oct 24, 2008)
    » Episode 2.07 “Jackpot” (US airdate Oct 31, 2008)

  • More spoilers!

    If you didn’t have a chance to watch tonight’s excellent Life episode 2.02 “Everything…All The Time” it will soon be available for free, online viewing (US residents only) at and Here’s some highlights:

    » Charlie’s hot new Italian sports car is a Maserati.

    » Click here to watch an exciting scene between Charlie and ex-wife Jennifer! 😉

    » Click here to preview episode 2.03 of “The Business of Miracles” which will broadcast in the US next Monday, October 6th at 10pm (ET) on NBC.

    Thanks to TubedOutNow2 for the clips!

  • The current issues of Media Life and Entertainment Weekly include articles about the TV shows to which viewers are “most emotionally attached” including Life among the top 20 programs! As stated in EW:

    “Here’s some fruit for thought: Last fall, several series with cult fan bases were launched, including The CW’s Gossip Girl, ABC’s Pushing Daisies, and NBC’s Chuck. However, Life was the only one to crack the top 20.” 😀

  • The Friday, October 3rd episode of Hollywood 411 on the TV Guide Network is featuring an on-set interview with Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi! It may be repeated over the weekend so check your local listings!