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  • This morning’s National Public Radio broadcast featured a story on “Foreigners Playing Americans” in US television shows. Reporter Kim Masters spoke about Hugh Laurie and other non-Americans in popular US shows and then interviewed Damian Lewis about his role as Detective Charlie Crews on Life. Executive producers Rand Ravich and Far Shariat were also interviewed and Ravich talked about Damian’s ability to play both comedy and drama, describing him as “a cross between Stan Laurel and Steve McQueen!” 😆

    Click here to listen to the story online or click here to download in mp3 format.

    Kim Masters published a related article as a companion piece to the story about her interview with Damian Lewis. She said that Damian was “polite and charming” and that “he has a nice smile!” 😀

  • Today’s edition of NBC Studio Pass, the email newsletter, encouraged fans to participate in a Life Viewing Party, an opportunity to simulataneously view episodes online while chatting with others.

  • Sarah Shahi, Damian’s co-star on Life, will make a guest appearance on the CBS Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson tomorrow night at 12:35 am (ET), 11:35 pm (CT).

  • Ellen Gray, TV critic for the Philadelphia Daily News made this comment about a recent episode of Life:

    “With more and more shows looking like car commercials … I’m really enjoying NBC’s “Life,” where Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) last week continued to drive around in the Maserati he and partner Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi) were forced to shoot full of holes in an earlier episode. If that’s product placement, it’s at least amusing product placement.”

  • Thanks to Sarah for the news that Hong Kong’s Channel 3 (the Pearl network) will begin broadcasting season 1 of Life on Monday, November 24th at 10:35 pm.

    Sarah also said that the network is strongly advertising the new show and running many promotional ads. 🙂