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  • If you are suffering from CCWS (Charlie Crews Withdrawal Syndrome) because Life will be off the air in the US until February 4th; click here to view terrific new screencaps from episode
    2.12 titled “Trapdoor” (spoilers!)

  • And don’t forget to take advantage of these upcoming opportunities to enjoy other Damian Lewis performances on US television:

    » December 27th starting at 10:42 am ET the History Channel will offer a Band of Brothers marathon.

    » December 30th at 1 pm ET don’t miss Keane on Sundance.

    » Starting January 2nd at 4:30 pm and playing throughout the month, see Damian as “Yassen the Assassin” in Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker on Cinemax.

  • Peque is also doing her part to help fight the CCWS blues; click here to enjoy her new Damian Lewis wallpaper.

  • Feeling a little better? No! 🙁 Then click here or here to re-watch Life episodes! 🙂