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  • Happy holidays to the Lewis Family and to Damian Lewis fans all over the world! ➡

    If you are looking for some holiday cheer then click here to enjoy Detective Charlie Crews and his partner Detective Dani Reese solving a Christmas crime in Life episode 2.08 titled “Black Friday” which originally aired in the US On November 12, 2008 on NBC.

  • This viewer rated Life as one of the top television shows of 2008, saying:

    “How refreshing it is to watch a show about cops that seems to have a genuine love for the human spirit in all its quirky variations…Even the mediocre moments are redeemed by British actor Damian Lewis…”

  • During January The Situation starring Damian Lewis will broadcast in New Zealand on Rialto Channel 25 on the dates and times below:

    07/01/09 10:20 PM
    08/01/09 10:15 AM
    19/01/09 4:20 PM
    20/01/09 1:45 AM
    31/01/09 12:00 AM