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  • John McGinley of The Washington Post reported that “if acting hadn’t panned out” for Damian Lewis he would have liked to become a professional ping pong player!

    DAMIAN LEWIS (“Life”)
    “I’d be a professional Ping-Pong player. I’m not that good. I’m not Chinese good. But I hold [the paddle] like a pen. I hold it orthodox Western style. And that’s all I’m prepared to give up about my game, in case anyone reads this. . . . I don’t want people winning.”

    (A September message from Sharon, Damian’s Los Angeles Assistant, revealed that he had purchased a ping pong table as a gift for the cast and crew of NBC’s Life.)

  • More praise for Damian Lewis’s wonderful portrayal of Detective Charlie Crews on Life!

    » Matt Norris of CinemaBlend selected Charlie Crews as his “Favorite TV Character Of 2008” stating:

    “Cop shows have been done over and over again. Never has a cop show gone so far to give the main character such an interesting back story and quirks… Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers) turns out the most underrated performance on television as the fruit loving, falsely imprisoned, Zen master Charlie Crews who simultaneously tracks down weekly criminals and the people who framed him.”

    » Al Norton of 411 Mania’s “Two Tivos To Paradise” picked Life as one of the “Top 10 Dramas of 2008.” He described the program as:

    “Currently the best police series on television, Life excels because its quirkiness is organic, feeling like it comes from the characters and their stories and not from a writer’s room. Damian Lewis’ Charlie Crews is a Detective for the ages, exploring mysteries both external and internal; while some actors wear their hearts on their sleeves, Lewis wear’s his thought process on his face, letting the audience in on what Charlie is thinking at all times. While I can’t mention Sarah Shahi without talking about how beautiful she is, it’s her acting ability that deserves even more raves…”

    » According to the Malaysian Star:

    “Ex-cop Charlie Crews (a brilliant Damian Lewis) gets out of jail after being wrongfully sentenced for 12 years and re-enters the police force as a detective and pockets millions of dollars as compensation. Even as he’s solving cases, he secretly investigates his own case in an effort to find out who framed him. A cool concept that has so many twists and turns.”

  • This recent NBC press release offers some great news about viewer ratings for Life:

    Wednesday at 9 p.m., “Life” (1.7/5 in 18-49, 5.2 million viewers overall) ranked #2 in all key adult-male demographics men 18-34, men 18-49 and men 25-54. It is worth noting that “Life” has been adding an average 22 percent to its 18-49 rating when going from “live plus same day” to “live plus seven day” results. In total viewers, “Life” has been adding an average 870,000 viewers overall to its previously reported “live plus same day” numbers. Counting all time-shifting (going from “live only” to “live plus seven”), “Life” is gaining 38 percent in 18-49 when going from “live only” to “live plus seven.”

  • Scandanavia’s Canal+ will be showing The Baker starring Damian Lewis throughout January; click here for the schedule. The DVD for The Baker is available for rent or purchase in these geographic regions:

    » Region 1 (Canada and US)

    » Region 2 (UK, Europe, N. Africa, Egypt, and Japan)

    » Region 4 (Australia, NZ, Pacific Is., Mexico, C. America, S. America, and the Caribbean)

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