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  • This beautiful image of Damian Lewis is by Ildiko and it has been posted in the Warehouse.

  • According to the Futon Critic season 2 of Life starring Damian Lewis will end on April 8, 2009 with the 21st episode, not 22 episodes as originally announced by NBC. 🙁

  • Spoilers! NBC Universal has released the storyline for Life episode 2.16 titled “Hit Me Baby” that will air in the US on February 25, 2009.

    LIFE, HIT ME BABY, 02-25-2009 9:00PM

    LADIES MAN IMPALED AND LEFT FOR DEAD — When Reese (Sarah Shahi) is asked to be part of a joint organized crime task force for the FBI, Crews (Damian Lewis) and Stark (Brent Sexton) must investigate the murder of a financial advisor who had a fondness for women and pigeons. The investigation leads Crews and Stark into a world of extreme corporate and political power. Donal Logue and Adam Arkin also star.

  • Lodge Kerrigan’s brilliant film Keane starring Damian Lewis will screen at Mavericks and Outsiders: Positif Celebrates American Cinema at the Lincoln Center in New York City on February 2nd and 3rd; click here and here for tickets and information (thanks to Ann for the links!)

  • In the UK the Guardian has published a list of questions school children would like to ask celebrities, including this question for Damian Lewis from a 10 year-old named Bali King:

    To Damian Lewis “Sometimes people in year 6 and year 4 make up songs about my hair and follow me round singing them, like, ‘Get back in your biscuit tin, Ginger, Ginger.’ Did anything like that happen to you at school?”

    Poor Bali King! I wish I could tell him that those kids are just jealous and that red hair is beautiful. In fact, the 4,600 women of the Damian Lewis Yahoo! Group think that red-headed men can be gorgeous! 😀

    Hopefully Bali will have a chance to attend Root
    Ginger: A Study of Red Hair
    that will run at the Idea Generation Gallery in London from February 17 through March 1, 2009; click here for an article about the exhibition that mentions Damian Lewis.

    If Bali still isn’t convinced that red hair is cool he should check out the Ginger Snaps collection by photojournalist Charlotte Rushton which includes this charming picture of writer and director Gareth Lewis and his daughter Malika (Damian’s brother and neice).

  • Here’s a new music video titled “Tribute to Life – Charlie Crews/Damian Lewis” by StackProductionsBV.