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‘The Misanthrope’ gallery updates, fan reports

  • Thanks to Carolin and Milou for sharing their stories of meeting Damian Lewis outside the Comedy Theatre this past week. Click here at the Yahoo! group for Milou’s report on meeting Damian on Feb 11th (she gave him a birthday present :)) and here to read Carolin’s story from Feb 17th. Click here at the gallery for Carolin’s pictures.

  • Gallery update: Click here at the gallery pictures of Damian from Friday, February 19th.

  • Graphics on livejournal: Click here and here for gorgeous Life icons by Jules and wraithness. Click here for a Band of Brothers picspam by entwinedangels and here for a
    Bastogne picspam by contaminatorz.

  • Noomi65 has a new fan-video “Damian Lewis – Contradictions” on Youtube:

    Video of Damian and Keira after a show: