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TV Personality: Damian Lewis, GQUK, October 2, 2012

Original article at British GQ

TV Personality: Damian Lewis

How charming. Sam Cameron on his left, David Cameron on his right, Michelle Obama, George Clooney, The vice chief of staff of the armed forces…”

Put another way: Homeland is kind of a big deal. And now, to top it off, Lewis – who plays a POW recently returned from the hands of al-Qaeda – has now won the GQ TV Personality Of The Year award. “I know – amazing!” says the 41-year-old. “I do feel like the cat that got the cream. This kind of show only comes along once every five years. Mad Men did something similar five years ago. The Sopranos five years before that. It’s rare.”

Lewis – who will next be seen as Lord Capulet in the latest remake of Romeo And Juliet, starring Douglas Booth – is currently filming Homeland’s second series, and ensured it wasn’t going to be out of date by going to the very top. “I said [to Obama] if you are going to go into Iran, can you give us the heads up? Because we want series two to be as current as possible.”