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Damian Lewis Brings British Quirk to Jaguar Short ‘Desire’, Hollywood Reporter, April 24, 2013

Damian Lewis Brings British Quirk to Jaguar Short ‘Desire’

Damian Lewis

The Emmy winner tells THR about his Sundance London collaboration with the automaker and his decision to put a humorous spin on the Bond-esque hero: “There’s not a lot of comedy in ‘Homeland.'”

The kind of TV affection that Damian Lewis has earned since Homeland premiered tends to come with a high-profile endorsement deal — preferably for an automaker.

Many of the of Emmy and Golden Globe winner’s contemporaries are partnered with some of the big ones. Dexter star Michael C. Hall narrates Dodge ads, Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm is the voice of Mercedes-Benz and co-star John Slattery can frequently be seen behind the wheel of a Lincoln.

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But Lewis strays from the pack in his elaborate production for Jaguar. He doesn’t provide a voice over, and you won’t see 30 second spots airing during ad breaks for SportsCenter. Lewis’ Jaguar commercial is a 12-minute movie produced by Ridley Scott‘s advertising company.

Desire, being screened as a part Sundance London’s 2013 programming, premieres in its official venue, YouTube, on Wednesday.

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