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The Best TV Shows of 2018 (So Far) – June 13, 2018

Top 30 TV Shows: Billions Ranks Number 10

by Staff | Complex | June 13, 2018

Network: Showtime
Cast: Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis, Maggie Siff

After a widely-loved second season, it felt like the one show everyone thought was underrated was Showtime’s Billions. With season two delivering a masterclass in fucking people over for its finale, this latest season had big shoes to fill; the finale might not have had much of an oomph, but that doesn’t negate an excellent third season. One of the beautiful things about Billions this year is that it decided to highlight what happens when these power-hungry hedge fund investors affect the world around them. With the way of the world today, it’s a piece that can, at times, feel all too real that wasn’t necessarily examined in prior seasons and ends up making this series a vital must-watch. —khal

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