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Billions on Showtime 3.12: Elmsley Count – June 14, 2018

“Young lungs, so yeah.”

by JaniaJania | Fan Fun with Damian Lewis | June 14, 2018

Source: Showtime

It’s cap raise time for Axe Cap and everyone gets more than they bargained for in Billons Season 3, Episode 12, “Elmsley Count”. The season finale promises to be a doozy with so many threads to tie up.

Taylor is arriving late to the event. Before the uber gets there, they have a sit-down with Andolov, who in all his gross creepy generosity concedes that he would, then asks them to prognosticate on what newly minted Taylor Mason Cap can do for him.

At the cap raise, Axe fluffs up the allocators, then has Taylor deliver the money shot. They promise to take care of the money transparently.

All the mysteries revealed.

Axe takes his people to see The Hold Steady at the Hammerstein Ballroom and delivers chaste kisses of celebration to Wags and Wendy.

The day after the big party, Axe notices the empty desks. He flashes back to Shakepearean-ly seeing Taylor Shakespearean-ly pulling Mafee out of the crowd at the concert. This being the business it is, everyone arrives at the absolute worst conclusion succintly: Taylor has jumped ship and taken Mafee with them.

Orrin is called for advice on what can be done legally. Not much, is the determination. Axe interviews Ben Kim too to see whether he was approached to bail too. He was, and he refused. Taylor puts the “he doesn’t really love you” crush on him, but Ben Kim doesn’t waver. Methinks Ben Kim’s show of loyalty may be a candidate for reversal next season, as pretty much everything is in this show.

Andolov offers Axe his plumbing services to dispose of Taylor. Axe’s own black ops guy Hall gets a terse slap when he steps in. Clearly Andolov’s guys never step in.

We get the big confrontation between Taylor and Axe. Recalled ever so briefly the “I liked you, Carrie”/ “I LOVED you” exchange in Homeland when Carrie brought in the terrorist.

You betrayed me.

Axe spits out something about Everest killing so many of the climbers who venture to tame it. Taylor doesn’t flinch.

Young lungs, so yeah.

A great line, but do young people ever see the advantages of their youth? Youth doesn’t have such allowances for self-reflection, does it? I know I never did. And I never did not feel old. Apparently Taylor knows they have all the time in the world, all the energy and drive they need to kick ass forevermore, which certainly is a genuine portrayal of youthful ambition.

Bobby and Wendy cozy up on the penthouse rooftop. This may be the closest we ever get to seeing these two in bed together, ya’ll. This season put the nail into the coffin of the chemistry. They’ve got something together, but it’s decidedly not that.

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