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Damian Lewis and Nick Murphy Discuss A Spy Among Friends and More on Empire Film Podcast

“Spies, Breakfasts and Buttocks”

by Chris Hewitt | Empire Online | December 2, 2022

This week’s episode of the Empire Podcast is joined by the brilliant Damian Lewis and Nick Murphy, star and director respectively of the ITVX drama, A Spy Among Friends . Lewis and Murphy occupy the third and fourth chairs with remarkable grace, fielding questions about spies, breakfasts and buttocks, while tackling this week’s listener question, about the best time jumps in movies and TV. Listen to episode #543 via PlanetRadio player here or any pod app of your choice.

For his show Billions, Lewis had to walk naked into a hot tub to join three women but he refused. “I felt it was unreasonable for them to be at such close proximity with my lunch box,” he tells Empire. Instead, he auditioned for a butt double. “I managed to find a pair of buttocks that were 20 years younger than mine,” he says. “Those have been well received.” Asked what he looked for in understudy buttocks, Lewis said they should be “high and tight, like a military haircut.”.

A Spy Among Friends first look photos here and official trailer below:

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