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Fan Fun with Damian Lewis team is thrilled to run, a fan site dedicated to the brilliant actor Damian Lewis. As we keep writing all about Damian on Fan Fun, we aim to share the latest news along with an extensive gallery and a comprehensive media archive here.

We cannot express our gratitude enough to Kathy, Selene, Amanda, and everyone else who poured their hearts and souls into the site over the years. We will do our best to preserve their legacy and keep up the good work.

As Damian once said “best journeys are shared.” It is a true privilege to share this journey with you. We hope you enjoy the site, come visit us often and spread the word!

Please bear with us as we do housekeeping, restore the archives completely and update the site with the latest!

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Co-web Needed

I have a lot less time than I used to to work on, so I am now searching for a dedicated co-webmistress who can help me keep at least one of the the major site features updated. No experience running a website is required, but previous blogging experience or some internet savvy would be nice. I also ask that you please be a big fan of Damian. If anyone is interested, please contact me using this form.

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New Layout! has a whole new look – here, at the Gallery and on Twitter – courtesy of Flor of Sweet Revelation! It’s so different from previous themes, we hope you like it as much as we do. If you’re having any issues with the new layout, please drop us a note!

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News & new gallery address

  • We received an update from Michael

    concerning Damian’s upcoming projects and it looks like at the moment Damian is attached to film Driven but that they are “still waiting for dates to be confirmed for the filming of HOMELAND. Until all of this is finalised nothing is

    confirmed for any other work.” Homeland producers said earlier this year that Homeland would film from June to October. Given the possible filming dates for Homeland, Michael also says “It does not look like the Hay Festival will be in Damian’s diary either but to date this is TBC (To Be Confirmed).”

  • We’ve changed hosts allowing us to move the gallery to its new home:

    Your username and password should work as before, but if not, please contact us!

    Registrations at the gallery are also open again. My sincerest apologies for taking so long to sort things out!

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‘one of our best actors’

  • Producer Howard Gordon discusses Homeland in an interview with

    Al Norton: Was the Homeland pilot the first thing you had written that was an adaptation of something else (Homeland is based on a popular Israeli series)?

    Howard Gordon: No, I actually did a pilot 10 years ago called Ultraviolet that was an adaptation of a British series.

    Al Norton: I have the DVD set of Ultraviolet.

    Howard Gordon: Isn’t it great? I was excited about it but unfortunately it didn’t get picked up.

    Al Norton: What challenges do you face as a writer when adapting someone else’s work?

    Howard Gordon: The challenges are knowing not to fix what isn’t broken – some people can’t resist tearing something apart that’s not theirs – and to know what works and what doesn’t and on the other hand to resist the temptation to just change the names. Changing the names from Moshe to Mike didn’t work in this case. You really need to know what works for your market and with this adaptation it really was very specific to an Israeli audience and would not have worked so it really needed to be reinvented.

    Al Norton: Not that the entire cast isn’t great (Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin) but how thrilled were you to get Damian Lewis as your lead?

    Howard Gordon: Unbelievably. I didn’t know how much until I saw him work. I mean, I knew he was one of our best actors but I didn’t know just how great he was until I saw him work.

    Al Norton: How’s the pilot coming?

    Howard Gordon: We’re cutting it right now. Without jinxing it I’m very, very excited about it.


  • The gallery is currently undergoing maintenance, so for the time being registrations and uploads have been stopped. We’ll try to allow registrations again soon – we apologize for any inconvenience!

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Happy Birthday Damian!

Here at, we’d like to wish Damian Lewis a very Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones as you turn the Big 4-0! (How on earth do you do it?!) ➡

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New site look

Finally, a new layout! This one by the talented Christine of PinkChaos! If you’re having any issues with the new design, please drop me a note! Thank you!