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  • The region 4 DVD for Colditz (ITV’s World War II mini-series starring Damian Lewis, Sophia Myles, and Tom Hardy) will be released for purchase in Australia on February 18, 2009. The DVD is currently available for rent in Australia.

    The Colditz DVD can also be purchased/rented in region 1 (North America) and region 2 (UK/Europe); check the Shop page for more information.

  • Damian Lewis was recognized in Santa Monica yesterday during a family outing: 🙂

    “By STV, 1/18: While cruising the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market for breakfast, spotted DAMIAN LEWIS…recognized him from Band of Brothers. Cute, doting dad and seemed comfortable with the crowd. He was waiting to put one of his small children on the miniature pony…He looked good, but shorter than expected (both the actor and pony).”

  • This Den of Geek review by Ben Jones for the February 2nd UK release of Life – Season One DVD says:

    “A show like this lives or dies on its choice of leading actor and, in lesser hands, all the foibles of a character like Charlie Crews could become annoying very quickly, but, thankfully … Lewis really excels in the role. He has already proven himself to be a more than competent actor (witness his turn in the criminally overlooked film Keane) and in Life he portrays Crews as damaged and dangerous, but also shows a good comedic side…

    More surprising was the performance of Sarah Shahi as Crews’ partner, Dani Reese…Life is the first thing I’ve seen her in and she really is a revelation. Her chemistry with Crews, I believe, is the backbone to this show.”

  • The Telegraph has published an interview with actress Christina Hendricks that mentions her portrayal of Olivia on Life:

    “Hendricks also has a recurring role in Life, a crime drama starring the British actor Damian Lewis, whom she describes as ‘fantastic. He has a good American accent, too. I’m sure no one even knows he’s a Brit.'”

  • US cable television viewers are reminded that the Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker, the teen spy movie with Damian Lewis, is running on Cinemax in January and February.

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  • Season 1 of Life starring Damian Lewis will re-broadcast in the UK on FX beginning February 9th at 9pm; click here to visit the FX page for the program.

    Unconfirmed information posted on IMDb by craigseddon indicates that Life – Season 2 will not broadcast on ITV3 in the UK until the summer: 🙁

    “…I emailed ITV viewer services, cos … i remember the voiceover saying at the end of the show, that the 2nd series will return in the new year. ITV emailed me back to say it has not been confirmed exactly when, but it’s expected in the Summer!”

    The region 2 DVD for Life – Season 1 will be released in the UK on February 2nd.

  • At the recent Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour Angela Bromstad, president of primetime entertainment for NBC Universal, indicated that Life and other NBC shows are under consideration for renewal but that the network has not yet decided. Click here, here, and here for more information.

  • A lucky fan named Kilinka had the opportunity to visit the NBC Universal set where Life is filmed and observe post-production work in progress. Kilinka has posted photos from the visit at the LifeTV LiveJournal site.

  • The DVD Times has published the list below detailing the “Extras” included on the region 2 DVD for The Escapist with Damian Lewis that will be released in the UK on February 9th, the extras include:

    » Audio Commentary with Rupert Wyatt and Dominic Cooper
    » The Making of The Escapist
    » Behind the Scenes
    » Theatrical Trailer
    » Storyboard Comparison

    According to this 4-star review from the Saffron Walden Reporter, The Escapist offers:

    “…gripping performances and a plot that focuses on the social system in prison rather than the relationship between inmates and the authorities, this is a twisting British thriller concerned with redemption as much as physical freedom.”

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  • Production plans for a new biopic film about legendary actor Steve McQueen have just been announced in Variety and Marc Bernardin of EW’s Popwatch feels that Damian Lewis should be cast in the role of McQueen! 😀

    Click here and here for additional side-by-side pictures of Lewis and McQueen and click here for a McQueen film poster that has already been created by Adlervan!

  • The February 2009 issue of Empire magazine includes a review of The Escapist with Damian Lewis. Click here and here for scans of the review. The article gives the film “4 stars” and offers information about “DVD Extras” that include a commentary from director Rupert Wyatt and actor Dominic Cooper and a “Making of” featurette about the production. The Escapist will be released on region 2 DVD in the UK on February 9th.

    The article references Get the Picture, a short film by Rupert Wyatt with Brian Cox, star of The Escapist. Click here to watch clips from this film available on composer Theo Green’s MySpace page.

  • Writer Samuel Adamson talks about his new, modern adaptation of Ibsen’s Little Eyolf (titled Mrs Affleck) in this Independent article. Samuel also discusses his 2005/06 National Theatre adaptation of Ibsen’s Pillars of the Community starring Damian Lewis.

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  • The above close-up photo of Damian Lewis was taken at the recent BAFTA/Los Angeles “15th Annual Awards Season Tea Party”; additional images are available in the Photo Warehouse Gallery .

  • Brian Ford Sullivan of the Futon Critic has selected Life episode 2.12 titled “Trapdoor” as number 25 on his list of
    “The 50 Best Episodes of 2008”:

    25. “life: trapdoor” (nbc)
    (originally aired: december 17, 2008)

    Worth a spot on this list just for those closing few moments – in which a shot Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) takes a revealing trip into his own mind where he’s still a con and the ghost of Arthur Tims (Jon Sklaroff) hauntingly comments, “Still hurts don’t it? You would think here it wouldn’t hurt, but it does. That’s just messed up.” Seriously, why aren’t more people watching this show?

  • Damian Lewis co-stars in The Escapist which has just been nominated in 2 categories by the Evening Standard British Film Awards! ➡

    Director Rupert Wyatt is under consideration for the “Most Promising Newcomer Award” and Joe Walker (editor of both The Escapist and Hunger) has been nominated in the “Technical Achievement” category.

    Winners will be announced in the Evening Standard on February 2nd; click here and here for more information.

  • Two new Life music videos have been posted on YouTube, “They All Laughed” by ChuckR7 and “Can’t Fight This Feeling !” by backpacker128.

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  • Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory attended BAFTA/LA’s “15th Annual Awards Season Tea Party” on Saturday, January 10, 2009. Visit the Photo Warehouse to view pictures of the event, compliments of dryope.

    Damian was asked if his NBC television series Life will be renewed for a 3rd season; here’s his response:

    “We’re into the second season and that will finish in March,” said Damian, speaking at the Bafta LA tea party. “Then they’ll let us know the day before we start filming, whether they want us to start filming again. That seems to be the way they do it here, so I have absolutely no idea if there’ll be a third season…A lot (of recent US TV shows) did get the chop because they were heavily promoted and they had to achieve certain goals as a result of that,” said Damian. “We’ve been a big critical success and we’ve been able to toddle under the radar a bit.”

    Click here for an article about the tea party including comments from Kenneth Branagh.

  • Film fans can now vote for Damian Lewis and two of his recent films (The Escapist and The Baker) to win The Jameson Empire Awards! Voting ends on March 14th and free registration is required.