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  • Click above to view the trailer for the February 9th UK release of The Escapist on region 2 DVD.

  • According to this article The Escapist will be theatrically released in Belgium on November 26, 2009 at the same time it is scheduled for release in The Netherlands.

  • Thanks to taltos19 for sharing the information below about obtaining copies of the fantastic music featured on Life starring Damian Lewis. (Note: the songs featured in the broadcast episodes of Life are often different than the music used for the online and DVD versions.)

    This iTunes mix offers most of the available songs from the broadcast episodes. Click here or here if you’d prefer to purchase the music from Amazon.

    If you watch Life online or on DVD, Rescue Records lists many of the songs available for Season 1 and Season 2.

  • This blogger strongly recommends Band of Brothers starring Damian Lewis (me, too!) She discovered the series after watching Life while looking for additional examples of Damian Lewis performances. Damian has produced an impressive body of work and many of his performances are available on DVD for rent, purchase, or for free at your local library. Check out the Shop page to find out what’s available in your region.

  • YouTube update:

    » Click here to glimpse Damian Lewis during the opening credits for Masterpiece on PBS in the US. The clip shows Gillian Anderson introducing Persuasion; the credits begin at 35 seconds and Damian appears at 40 seconds as Soames Forsyte in the The Forsyte Saga.

    » Selected clips from Shakespeare Retold – Much Ado About Nothing have been posted by alanjasonb.

    » “Womanizer” and “Another Way to Die” are new Damian Lewis music videos from fluffyhp7.

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  • Spoilers! New HQ still photos for Life episode 2.14 titled “Mirror Ball” are now available in the Warehouse; once again we thank dryope for these outstanding images. “Mirror Ball” is scheduled for US broadcast on February 11, 2009 at 9pm ET on NBC.

  • According to IMDb the theatrical release of The Escapist in The Netherlands has been delayed again. The film is now scheduled for Dutch release on November 26, 2009! 😥

    IMDb now shows the UK region 2 DVD release date for The Escapist as February 2nd (instead of February 9th) but the online vendors still list it for sale on the 9th?!

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  • All over the world fans are looking forward to watching
    Damian Lewis as Detective Charlie Crews in Life:

    » UK: The Last Broadcast site is offering viewers the chance to win free handcuffs in celebration of the February 2nd release of the Life – Season One DVD! 😆

    The series recently aired in the UK on ITV3 and the season one episodes will re-broadcast on FX UK starting February 9th.

    » Germany: Season one of Life will premiere on Vox on March 11th at 21.10. The network will launch the series with back-to-back broadcasts of the first two episodes (“Merit Badge” and “Tear Assunder”); click here and here for more information.

    The region 2 DVD for Life – Season One will be released for purchase in Germany on February 2nd.

    » Latin America: Season 2 of Life will premiere on AXN on February 4th; click here for an article about the program.

    » US: New episodes of Life – Season Two will resume broadcast on NBC on February 4th with episode 2.13 titled “Re-Entry”.

  • Life isn’t the only show that the fans are talking about; click here and here for Swedish and Dutch articles about The Baker, Gareth Lewis’s hilarious comedy that stars Damian Lewis as reformed hitman Milo Shakespeare.

    The Baker is available on DVD in:

    » Region 1 (Canada and US)

    » Region 2 (UK, EU, MidEast, Egypt, SoAfrica, and Japan)

    » Region 4 (Aus, NZ, Pacific, Mexico, CenAmerica, SoAmerica, and Caribbean)

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Warning! Major spoilers for Life starring Damian Lewis follow below:

  • NBC Universal has released storylines for upcoming Life episodes 2.14 “Mirror Ball” and 2.15 “I Heart Mom”:

    LIFE, MIRROR BALL, 02-11-2009 9:00PM (ET)

    METAL HEADS COLLIDE WHEN THE LEAD SINGER OF COVER BAND IS KILLED — When the lead singer of a heavy metal cover band is suffocated to death, Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) and Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi) are on the hunt to find the killer. Crews and Reese question the remaining band members and learn that the previous front man had a bone to pick with the now dead singer after he was kicked out of the band. They track down the former front man who seems to have a legitimate alibi and their lead goes cold. The investigation then takes an interesting turn when the detectives stumble across a homeless man who appears to be a groupie. Could this groupie have been responsible for the murder? Meanwhile, Crews learns his father’s wedding to Olivia (Christina Hendricks) has been called off. Adam Arkin, Brent Sexton and Donal Logue also star.

    LIFE, I HEART MOM, 02-18-2009 9:00PM (ET)

    CONSTRUCTION CON-MAN FOUND DEAD IN HOUSE WITH NO ROOF—A man is found beaten and shot dead with a mouth full of money in a house with no roof. Crews (Damian Lewis) and Reese (Sarah Shahi) begin their investigation and discover the victim was running an elaborate construction scam that left his clients without roofs or money. While interviewing the duped customers, they meet an eccentric man with a violent streak and the intimidating son of an old woman with a long rap sheet. The detectives work to figure out if either of these men could be the murderer. Meanwhile, Crews has a confrontation with Mickey Rayborn (William Atherton) which sheds some light on the conspiracy against him. Adam Arkin, Brent Sexton and Donal Logue also star.

  • Information posted on SpoilerTV by Maria reveals that the title of upcoming Life episode 2.17 is “Shelf Life.”

  • When Life returns to US network television with “Re-Enty” on February 4th it will be airing opposite ABC’s hit series Lost. Thanks to Debra for this link to an interview with Lost cast member Jorge Garcia. In the interview Jorge says that Life is one of his favorite programs! (It’s my favorite,too! Sorry Jorge, I won’t be watching Lost on Wednesday nights this season!) 😀

  • A new Damian Lewis music video has been posted on YouTube by FluffyHP7.

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  • Click above to view a video clip of two of Damian Lewis’s Life co-stars, Donal Logue and Adam Arkin, discussing the show on the red carpet at the recent American Film Institute awards ceremony.

    Life was honored by the AFI as one of the outstanding television achievements of 2008; click here to read the press release.

  • Spoiler warning! NBC Universal has released the storyline below for Life episode 2.13 titled “Re-Entry” that will broadcast in the US on February 4, 2009 at 9PM (ET) on NBC:

    “NASA PILOT SHOT TO DEATH MID-FLIGHT — When a retired NASA pilot is shot to death mid-flight, Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) and Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi) work to narrow down the list of suspects who include the dead pilots son and his current business partner. They must also take into consideration the pilot was about to pay the Russians 35 million dollars to take him back into space. Meanwhile, Tidwell tries to get Crews to remember who shot him. Adam Arkin and Brent Sexton also star.”

  • Thanks to Sal for this link to a Variety article about the image and programming challenges currently facing NBC:

    “Is it a late night comedy brand, a la Leno/O’Brien/Fallon/SNL? A single-camera comedy brand in the vein of “The Office” and “30 Rock”? A young male-oriented brand, thanks to NFL Sunday Night Football, “Chuck” and “Heroes”? Or should quality drama — “Life,” “Friday Night Lights” — be its bread and butter?”

  • James White at the TotalFilm site has listed Damian Lewis as the number one choice to portray Steve McQueen in an upcoming film biopic.

    All over the world fans are voicing their support for Damian Lewis as Steve McQueen; check it out at this Russian livejournal site. 🙂

  • Click here to view fantastic “animated icons” for Life that were created by Grimorie.