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  • Spoilers! Click above to view the trailer for Life episode 2.14 titled “Mirror Ball” which will air in the US on NBC on February 11, 2009 (source: SpoilerTV.)

  • Spoiler warning! Thanks to dj for the terrific new screencaps for Life episode 2.13 “Re-Entry” which aired in the US on February 4, 2009.

  • More spoilers! NBC Universal has posted new thumbnail still photos from Life episode 2.16 “Hit Me Baby” that will air in the US on February 25th.

  • Canada’s Global television network is running Life on Wednesday nights at 9pm (ET). Global is also offering online viewing of recent episodes.

  • Season One of Life starring Damian Lewis was released in the UK on DVD on February 2nd; this Hertfordshire Mercury review of the show says:

    “Life satisfies on a variety of levels – it’s got a quirky sensibility, isn’t afraid to get up close to the unpleasantness, has a fascinating central character in Charlie Crews (Brit abroad Damian
    Lewis) and features a self-contained case in each episode while also letting slip a few more clues and details concerning the series’ major story arc…Lewis does a great job of playing Crews, making him credibly offbeat and randomly philosophical yet also a solid, intuitive cop; he’s a likeable loon, but at the same time gives just enough of a hint that, maybe, he really is unbalanced enough to have killed…This three-disc set features all 11 episodes plus extras including interviews, selected commentaries and features. Season two can’t come around fast enough”

  • Sonny has posted HQ photos of Damian Lewis in the BBC’s 2002 political spoof titled Jeffrey Archer: The Truth.

  • Do a good deed for Damian Lewis’s birthday!

    Damian’s birthday is on February 11th and fans are asked to perform a special act of charity or kindness in his honor this month; click here to read all about it.

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  • Damian Lewis is “Number 28” on BuddyTVs new list of TV’s 50 Sexiest Men! ➡

    Of course, he’s always “Number 1” on our list! Click here for the article at the Warehouse.

  • Spoilers! Click here for Life updates from E! Online including the news that Gabrielle Union will temporarily replace Sarah Shahi (Dani Reese) as Charlie’s partner during Sarah’s (real-life) pregnancy.

    In the interview Life creator and executive producer Rand Ravich says that there has been no news about a 3rd season for the program. 🙁

    Fans are encouraged to log comments supporting Life and to tell NBC to keep this wonderful program on the air!

    And also tell NBC to promote it! And to let Charlie Crews grow his hair out a little!

  • Spoilers for Life episode 2.13 “Re-Entry” which aired in the US last night on NBC.

    Fans of Band of Brothers will be pleased to see another cast member appearing on Life. Richard Speight Jr. who played Pvt. Skip Muck on Band of Brothers made a guest appearance on last night’s show. There were also other subtle references to the series (e.g., “Charlie Crews says to ‘hang tough’!”)

    Let’s hope that we will get to see many more of the “Brothers” working together again!

  • This review of Life says:

    “Life,” in a crowded field of crime-related procedurals, is unique. Like its lead character, Los Angeles detective Charlie Crews (played by Damian Lewis), this low-key show is laconic, witty, refreshingly curious and instinctively averse to melodrama. In other words, “Life” is good company.

  • In the UK FX will re-broadcast season one of Life starting February 10th:

    » Episode 1.01 Merit Badge – Tues Feb 10th at 2100, repeated Thurs Feb 12th at 2300

    » Episode 1.02 Tear Assunder – Tues February 17th at 2100

  • Thanks to Lalashelli for this link for an interesting British Airways HighLife interview with Helen McCrory. She’s a very well-traveled and cosmopolitan Lady! 🙂
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  • Spoilers! Visit the Warehouse to view new HQ photos from Life episode 2.15 titled “I Heart Mom” which is scheduled to broadcast in the US on NBC on February 18, 2009 (source: SpoilerTV).

  • In this review of Life Michael Storey says that:

    “Life has been a surprise hit for many observers. It was unexpected, as are most hits. What seemed like just another police procedure show has resonated with the audience…What makes the show stand out? As with any successful series, it’s the characters. We return to a program week after week because we care about the characters and want to see what they are up to next. Check out Life and if you find the characters interesting, put it on your watch list.”

  • Don’t miss it! Life finally returns to US television on Wednesday, February 4th on NBC with episode 2.13 “Re-Entry”. ➡

  • Major spoiler warnings (especially the last 2 pages!) Check out the Warehouse to view loads of new screencaps of Damian Lewis as the evil Rizza in The Escapist! 😀 (Thanks to dj!)

  • In Scandanavia Canal+ will continue to broadcast The Baker starring Damian Lewis throughout February and March; click here for the schedule.

  • Thanks to FunnLim for introducing us to a cool new game called The Akinator, answer the questions and see if the Genie can guess the name of your favorite actor! He correctly guessed my favorite actor, Damian Lewis (and my favorite character, Charlie Crews!)

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  • It has just been announced that Sarah Shahi is expecting a baby! Congratulations to Sarah on this happy news! 😀

    Sarah co-stars as Dani Reese with Damian Lewis (Charlie Crews) on Life. Rand Ravich, the show’s creator and executive producer, told Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online that Sarah’s pregnancy will bring major changes to the show, including:

    “a separation for the partners and a new job for Reese…In the coming eps, Dani Reese joins an FBI-LAPD joint task force on crime and is attached to that unit for the time being, in part to help moderate the show’s demands on Sarah while she’s pregnant.

    Rand says, “[Sarah’s pregnancy] is a challenge and a…challenge. Episodic television is a grueling schedule, and Sarah and Damian were practically in every scene together, and we certainly can’t expect Sarah to work 15-hour days…So we were able to carve Sarah out of the main story a little bit—keeping her always related to Crews and always involved with Crews—and just give her some relief as well.”

    Apparently the pregnancy coincided nicely with a schism that they were already planning between Crews and Reese. Says Rand, “We wanted to diverge their stories somewhat, to separate them geographically to make them start doubting each other, tear them apart somewhat. And then hopefully, if they can work it out, [we can] bring them back together in a stronger fashion.”

    (That’s all great but they shouldn’t expect Damian to work 15-hour days, either! And they shouldn’t keep Charlie’s haircut so darn short! And NBC should have promoted Life during the Superbowl!) 🙁

  • Life will return to US television this Wednesday, February 4th on NBC with episode 2.13 “Re-Entry”. 🙂

  • Season one of Life was released in the UK today on region 2 DVD and this IndieLondon review by Jack Foley says:

    “BRITAIN’S Damian Lewis excels as a former police officer who, after years of false imprisonment, returns to the force with a decidedly different philosophy…. As played by Lewis, he was an enigmatic presence to be around throughout the first season of Life… and his arrival on DVD gives law and order buffs the chance to catch up on a classic new character in the making…If you didn’t manage to catch it during its ITV run, there’s another chance on F/X or – best of all – when this DVD box set is released on February 2. You won’t be disappointed in this excellent new show.”

  • The German Vox network has created a new page for Life – Season One which will premiere in Germany on March 11th with the first 2 episodes.

  • Thanks to Michelle for the news that Life will return to Australia’s Ten network on Wednesday, February 4th at 10pm with episode 2.09 “Badge Bunny”.

  • Great news! Rupert Wyatt’s debut feature film The Escapist with Damian Lewis will be theatrically released in the US in April! ➡

    IFC has acquired the US distribution rights and the movie will be released in Los Angeles and New York City on April 3rd followed by a limited release in selected cities. The film will be available to On Demand television viewers starting April 1st. This IndieWire article quotes Jonathan Sehring, president of IFC Entertainment as saying:

    “‘‘The Escapist’ is a first rate thriller that respects the rules of the prison break film but also helps to reinvent it with thrilling flourishes thanks to Rupert Wyatt’s superb direction.”… “It’s hard to believe this is his first film, and he’s matched by terrific performances by Brian Cox, Joseph Fiennes, Damian Lewis, Dominic Cooper, Seu Jorge and Liam Cunningham. We think this is the perfect film for all of our platforms and are incredibly excited by its prospects.”

    The Escapist will be released on region 2 DVD in the UK on February 9, 2009.

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  • This beautiful image of Damian Lewis is by Ildiko and it has been posted in the Warehouse.

  • According to the Futon Critic season 2 of Life starring Damian Lewis will end on April 8, 2009 with the 21st episode, not 22 episodes as originally announced by NBC. 🙁

  • Spoilers! NBC Universal has released the storyline for Life episode 2.16 titled “Hit Me Baby” that will air in the US on February 25, 2009.

    LIFE, HIT ME BABY, 02-25-2009 9:00PM

    LADIES MAN IMPALED AND LEFT FOR DEAD — When Reese (Sarah Shahi) is asked to be part of a joint organized crime task force for the FBI, Crews (Damian Lewis) and Stark (Brent Sexton) must investigate the murder of a financial advisor who had a fondness for women and pigeons. The investigation leads Crews and Stark into a world of extreme corporate and political power. Donal Logue and Adam Arkin also star.

  • Lodge Kerrigan’s brilliant film Keane starring Damian Lewis will screen at Mavericks and Outsiders: Positif Celebrates American Cinema at the Lincoln Center in New York City on February 2nd and 3rd; click here and here for tickets and information (thanks to Ann for the links!)

  • In the UK the Guardian has published a list of questions school children would like to ask celebrities, including this question for Damian Lewis from a 10 year-old named Bali King:

    To Damian Lewis “Sometimes people in year 6 and year 4 make up songs about my hair and follow me round singing them, like, ‘Get back in your biscuit tin, Ginger, Ginger.’ Did anything like that happen to you at school?”

    Poor Bali King! I wish I could tell him that those kids are just jealous and that red hair is beautiful. In fact, the 4,600 women of the Damian Lewis Yahoo! Group think that red-headed men can be gorgeous! 😀

    Hopefully Bali will have a chance to attend Root
    Ginger: A Study of Red Hair
    that will run at the Idea Generation Gallery in London from February 17 through March 1, 2009; click here for an article about the exhibition that mentions Damian Lewis.

    If Bali still isn’t convinced that red hair is cool he should check out the Ginger Snaps collection by photojournalist Charlotte Rushton which includes this charming picture of writer and director Gareth Lewis and his daughter Malika (Damian’s brother and neice).

  • Here’s a new music video titled “Tribute to Life – Charlie Crews/Damian Lewis” by StackProductionsBV.