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  • The above close-up photo of Damian Lewis was taken at the recent BAFTA/Los Angeles “15th Annual Awards Season Tea Party”; additional images are available in the Photo Warehouse Gallery .

  • Brian Ford Sullivan of the Futon Critic has selected Life episode 2.12 titled “Trapdoor” as number 25 on his list of
    “The 50 Best Episodes of 2008”:

    25. “life: trapdoor” (nbc)
    (originally aired: december 17, 2008)

    Worth a spot on this list just for those closing few moments – in which a shot Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) takes a revealing trip into his own mind where he’s still a con and the ghost of Arthur Tims (Jon Sklaroff) hauntingly comments, “Still hurts don’t it? You would think here it wouldn’t hurt, but it does. That’s just messed up.” Seriously, why aren’t more people watching this show?

  • Damian Lewis co-stars in The Escapist which has just been nominated in 2 categories by the Evening Standard British Film Awards! ➡

    Director Rupert Wyatt is under consideration for the “Most Promising Newcomer Award” and Joe Walker (editor of both The Escapist and Hunger) has been nominated in the “Technical Achievement” category.

    Winners will be announced in the Evening Standard on February 2nd; click here and here for more information.

  • Two new Life music videos have been posted on YouTube, “They All Laughed” by ChuckR7 and “Can’t Fight This Feeling !” by backpacker128.