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  • Thanks to Ann for finding this gorgeous picture of Damian Lewis as “Yassen the Assassin” in Stormbreaker (for a bad guy he looks pretty good!)
  • Lynda from Wisconsin shared her comments after viewing DVDs of Damian Lewis playing for England in the Soccer Aid game to benefit UNICEF. Contact Mia if you’d like to acquire copies of “The Ginger Prince’s” football DVDs!
  • Although the site still shows August 17th as the release date for all Stormbreaker movie-related books such as this Behind the Scenes volume which features Damian Lewis on the cover, members have received notification that the books will not be shipped until October 24th (after the US theatrical release of the film on October 6th.)
  • Click here to see a new version of the Matt Willis music video for Stormbreaker titled Hey Kid! Still no sign of Damian although he was supposed to appear in the video.

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  • New Damian Lewis Trade Justice video! Damian Lewis is an ambassador for the Christian Aid organization and Selene has discovered his new video encouraging public support for a trade justice campaign event scheduled to take place in London on September 14th.

    » Click here and here to learn more about the Beat Goes On campaign.

    » Click here to download and view Bolivia For Sale, the documentary that Damian made last year for Christian Aid.

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  • Click here at the group to read a new message from Damian’s personal assistant Melissa. According to the message:
    » Damian Lewis may appear in the production of John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt in the West End this October! Doubt was a huge hit on Broadway months ago and won the Pulitzer Prize and 2005 Tony Award for Best Play!
    » Chromophobia is expected to come out early next year.
    » The Situation has found distribution in the US for the spring.
    » The Baker is still in the editing process and won’t be completed till October.
    » Damian’s and Helen’s baby is due on Sept 22nd! ➡
  • Thanks to Liron of for this pic of Damian and Lodge Kerrigan at the London Film Festival premiere of Keane in October 2005!
  • Keane will be screening in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada this weekend. Click here for a positive review from Vue Weekly.
  • For the 2 or 3 New Zealanders out there: Keane will be screening at the 2006 New Zealand International Film Festivals in various cities. Next is the city of Christchurch which will screen the film three times in August. Click here for more info.
  • Click here at YouTube to view a new Colditz– themed music video created by Lady Jo-Anne!
  • We’ve added another affiliate – Ioan Central, a fansite for actor Ioan Guffudd. Check it out!
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Oh crap, I accidentally deleted Tuesday’s post! 😥 So some of this is a repeat of yesterday’s stuff …

  • Jen updated us with the Australian broadcasts dates for various Damo programming – click here for the updated TV schedule.
  • This week’s TV Guide (July 31 – August 6) has a brief review (and photo) of Much Ado About Nothing. Thanks to Ann!
  • Click here for a positive review of Stormbreaker. Click here for box office news on the film.
  • According to the article here, Colditz will be released on DVD in the US in early 2007! Perhaps it will finally broadcast in the US around that time?
  • We’ve added our first affiliates! Make sure and check them out! 😉

    » Hugh – a site for gorgeous UK actor, Hugh Dancy
    » Ralph Fiennes Corner – a site for Damian’s Chromophobia co-star
    » Absolutely Sophia Myles – a site dedicated to Damian’s pretty Colditz co-star
    » Stellar Matthew – a site for Damian’s Warriors co-star, Matthew MacFadyen
    » Presenting Marion Cotillard – a tribute page for the beautiful French actress
    » The Man Beneath the Kilt – a Ewan McGregor site.

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  • A few notes on Much Ado About Nothing: Click here for the new BBC America page and here for a postive review from Catholic Online. Much Ado broadcasts on BBC America on Aug. 6th at 7pm and 11:30pm ET! Thanks to Ann.
  • Some news on the Stormbreaker soundtrack from Kaelynn over at the AH message board. The website Arcade Digital Music is offerering previews and a download of the film score on their website. No sign of the Matt Willis or Rooster singles that have been mentioned previously so maybe another soundtrack is in the works?
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Move over Coen Brothers for the new kids on the set, Western Mail, May 6, 2006

Move over Coen Brothers for the new kids on the set

by Claire Hill, Western Mail, May 6, 2006

Move over the Coen Brothers, there’s a new film making duo in town, and this time they’re Welsh. Actor Damian Lewis has teamed up with his baby brother Gareth to make their first film together. Claire Hill joined them on location in their beloved Wales

DAMIAN LEWIS’S legs are half sticking out of a makeshift vent shaft as the actor attaches knee pads underneath his all- black ensemble.

A gun is visible and is just peeping out from the band of his trousers. Next to his feet, rolls of silver gaffer tape and wires are scattered on the floor. Directly in front of him, in the old paper mill, tucked at the back of a Cardiff industrial estate, someone fashions a gun holster out of an old yoga mat.

The film clapper board reads Roll 46, Slate 74, Take 1 and the rest of the 40-strong crew are getting ready for a scene rehearsal.

The Welsh actor’s key role in this scene is to crawl through the painted silver boxes and make it look as if he is scrabbling through the vents of a ceiling shaft.

And, he has to do all of this while holding a gun, a motive in his mind and a sense of ennui about his current situation in life. Impossible? That’s acting for you, darling. Continue reading Move over Coen Brothers for the new kids on the set, Western Mail, May 6, 2006

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The fabulous ‘Baker’ boys, This is Herefordshire, April 28, 2006

The fabulous `Baker’ boys

TWO members of the cast and crew currently filming The Baker in Grosmont are having the time of their lives. Because the star and co-producer of the film is Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers, The Forsyte Saga, Friends and Crocodiles) and the writer/director is his younger brother, Gareth, directing his first feature film.

The relationship meant there wasn’t the usual getting-to-know the director, though learning to take instruction from a younger sibling called for a slight adjustment.

“It’s a great feeling to be working with Gareth as one of his producers,” Damian said as shooting began. “I am just getting my head around being bossed about by him as one of his actors.”

Spending time with his brother is the cherry on the The Baker’s cake for Damian. “I’m loving spending time with him, just loving it. Continue reading The fabulous ‘Baker’ boys, This is Herefordshire, April 28, 2006