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There’s lots of reasons for celebration and congratulations!

  • Gareth Lewis, writer and director of The Baker and Damian Lewis’s brother and business partner, is currently working on the script for a new feature film called “Father Figure” for Picture Farm. Gareth and Phil Traill have co-written a sitcom called “Life and Stuff” that has been picked up for development by NBC. Gareth is also currently creating and directing a webseries, called “The Fantasist” for Pure Grass Films and the BBC.
    Click here for more information and congratulations best wishes to Mr. Gareth Lewis! 🙂

  • Adrian Sturges, producer of The Escapist and Damian Lewis’s Picture Farm business partner, has been featured in Variety as one of “10 Producers To Watch”. Sturges is currently attending the Toronto International Film Festival with his new film The Disappearance of Alice Creed. Congratulations and good luck to Mr. Adrian Sturges! 😀

  • Helen McCrory (and husband Damian Lewis?) will attend the world premiere of The Fantastic Mr. Fox, the new animated movie featuring Helen as the voice of “Mrs. Bean”. The film will open the “London Film Festival” on October 14th at 7 pm (19:00) at the Odeon Leicester Square; click here and here for more information. Congratulations and best wishes to Ms. Helen McCrory! ➡

  • Congratulations to Ioan Gruffudd and his wife Alice Evans on the recent birth of their daughter Ella Betsi Evans Gruffudd! Ioan and Damian Lewis are long-time friends and co-stars in The Forsyte Saga and Warriors. 😀
  • The Situation starring Damian Lewis will broadcast in the US on the Sundance Channel in October:

    » Friday October 2 at 3AM
    » Monday October 12 at 3:15AM

  • Two new, fan-made Life music videos are now available on YouTube:

    » “Charlie Crews (Buddha Bar)” by veruca284
    » “The Wall and Maserati Quattroporte” by Moddyxxx

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  • “Elementary My Dear Stacy” Disney’s Phineas and Ferb episode featuring the voice of Damian Lewis as Agent 00 0 is now available in the US, through September 14th, for On Demand viewing on cable and satellite television sites.

    Subscribers can watch the program at no additional charge under “Disney XD”. The episode is the second half of a “double bill” and starts approximately 10 minutes into the clip following “Day of the Living Gelatin.”

    Comcast On Demand viewers will find “Elementary My Dear Stacy” at:

    Kids > Disney XD > Phineas and Ferb > Living Gelatin / Elementary

  • This ITV Press Release confirms the date and time for the UK season 2 premiere of Life, starring Damian Lewis, as Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 10:00pm on ITV3. Thanks to Dotty for the link!

  • The Situation with Damian Lewis will air in the US during June on the Sundance Channel on:

    Friday June 5 at 3:30am
    Sunday June 21 at 2pm
    Friday June 26 at 1pm

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Beyond The Multiplex, Salon, February 1, 2007

Beyond the Multiplex

by Andrew O’Hehir,, February 1, 2007

A compelling Iraq war thriller that will entertain and upset you.

“There’s no truth, you know,” a CIA official tells an idealistic young colleague in “The Situation,” the compelling new Iraq war thriller from veteran indie director Philip Haas. “There are no bad guys and there are no good guys. It’s not gray, either … There’s no truth! It’s lost in the fourth dimension of time.”

Those lines, and the extraordinary monologue by Dan Murphy (played by Damian Lewis) from which they come, express the ambiguity at the heart of “The Situation,” an uneven but impressively ambitious picture that depicts the contemporary Iraq conflict as an existential and moral heart of darkness. Made rapidly and on the cheap (in Morocco), and written by Wendell Steavenson, a journalist who has reported from Iraq, “The Situation” claims the prize of being the first American narrative feature to address the war directly. (Perhaps 20 percent of Irwin Winkler’s “Home of the Brave” is set in Iraq, but that film is principally about soldiers’ difficulties on coming home.) Continue reading Beyond The Multiplex, Salon, February 1, 2007

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Situation No Win, Village Voice, January 30, 2007

Situation No Win

by J. Hoberman, Village Voice, January 30, 2007

Dealing head-on with Bush’s War, Samarra-set political thriller dissects Iraqi unrest and nails the neocons

The Situation, Philip Haas’s deftly paced, well-written, and brilliantly infuriating Iraq War thriller is not only the strongest of recent geopolitical hotspot flicks but one that has been designed for maximal agitation. Based on a script by the Anglo-American journalist Wendell Steavenson, this gutsy attempt to dramatize the way Iraqis live now is an incitement to rage and despair—the most vivid critique of Bush’s War yet put on screen. Continue reading Situation No Win, Village Voice, January 30, 2007

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Let’s Dance – Fall 2005

Damian Lewis at The Dorchester

by Natalie Theo | Factory Magazine | Fall Issue, 2005

Damian Lewis really wants to be Widow Twanky. Thankfully Factory has asked him to camp it up as an all-dancing James Bond hero for its shoot at the Dorchester Hotel’s London ballroom. “I went through a lot of pantomime when I was young – I mostly wanted to be Widow Twanky”. Well, as I say, thank God we are more 007 today. You see I am blushingly helping Damian Lewis into a pair of elegant black Ralph Lauren trousers, shirt and diamond studded De Beers cufflinks. We are tucked away in the dark refines of the Dorchester ballroom’s coat check cubicle.

The men’s loos are unavailable for trouser tucking. Better to be tucking him into a Ralph Lauren number rather than a figure moulding pair of panto tights. Lewis has gamely agreed to swirl six dashing young actresses dripping in De Beers diamonds and slinking about in Ralph Lauren eveningwear for the day with his very own barman, sent along on orders from Dublin courtesy of Jameson Irish Whiskey, to see him through. His lead role as Major Richard Winters in HBO’s Band of Brothers, produced and part directed by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, precedes a slew of feature films due for September and early 2006 releases: Lasse Hallstrom’s An Unfinished Life; Brides produced by Martin Scorsese; Lodge Kerrigan’s Keane; Phillip Haas’ The Situation; and Martha Fiennes Chromophobia. So I can’t quite believe Widow Twanky is the be all and end all of the ultimate hero situation.

Continue reading Let’s Dance – Fall 2005