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  • Matt Wolf of published this terrific interview with Damian Lewis about his current role as Alceste in The Misanthrope at the Comedy Theatre in London’s West End.

    Paul Levy praised Damian’s portrayal of Alceste in his review for the Wall Street

    Visit the Warehouse for photos of Damian leaving the theatre on January 2, 2010.

  • Damian Lewis is scheduled to make a guest appearance on the Jonathan Ross show on BBC Radio 2 on Saturday January 16, 2010. The programme will run from 10am to 1pm and will be available for online listing live during the broadcast and on demand for 7 days after the broadcast. Thanks to Ann for the info and links!

  • The Wimbledon Film Club will screen Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis at the Odeon Wimbledon on January 14, 2010. Director Martha Fiennes will attend to present the film and answer questions; click here for more information.

  • In the US HBO is currently repeating Band of Brothers starring Damian Lewis. Episode 2 “Day of Days” will air on Sunday, January 10, 2010 at 8:00 PM ET. HBO subscribers can also access episodes on HBO On Demand at no additional charge through March 29, 2010.

    Two companion programs are also available on HBO On Demand, the documentary “We Stand Alone Together: The Men of Easy Company” and a featurette titled “The Making of Band of Brothers”.

  • Additional Damian Lewis performances available on US television this month include Dreamcatcher, Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker, and Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe; click here for more information and remember to check your local listings for accurate viewing information.

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  • The Escapist with Damian Lewis is currently available in the UK as a FilmFlex Video On Demand feature. The region 2 DVD is also available for rent or purchase in the UK.

    In the US viewers can see the The Escapist via their “video on demand” providers under IFC In Theaters through June 30th; here is the Comcast On Demand listing.

  • Season 2 of Life starring Damian Lewis is now broadcasting in South Africa on M-Net; a recent edition of The Times in South Africa included this announcement:

    Damian Lewis, a Golden Globe-nominated English actor, who claimed his fame through his portrayal of Major Richard Winters in Band of Brothers, is back on our screens playing detective Charlie Crews in the second installment of Life.

  • The newly released trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince includes a glimpse of Helen McCrory in the role of Narcissa Malfoy. The film’s long-awaited release has been moved up by 2 days and the movie will premiere on July 15, 2009.
  • Click here and here for information about director Martha Fiennes’s guest appearance at the AngloMockBa festival in Moscow that will include a screening of Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis on May 3, 2009.

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  • In the US only 2 more episodes remain for season 2 of Life starring Damian Lewis; be sure to watch “Initiative 38” on Wednesday, April 1st at 9pm ET on NBC.

  • Update on The Escapist!

    » Above is the flyer for the April 3rd New York City release of The Escapist at the Village East Cinema. The film will open in Los Angeles on April 10th at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 theater and in Portland at the Living Room Theater on May 8th.

    There is a larger version of the flyer in the Warehouse; other fan and film sites should feel free to take a copy of the flyer and use it to spread the word about the US release of this important film (or just send an email to Kathy and ask for a copy of the file.)

    » Starting April 1st The Escapist will also be available to “Video On Demand” viewers under “IFC In Theaters”, click here for the Comcast On Demand listing.

    » Neil Pedley of IFC News wrote of The Escapist:

    “Brian Cox, a titan in the annals of great supporting players, takes surprisingly few lead roles, so when he does choose one you can be sure there’s something to it.”

  • Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis will screen in Moscow on May 3rd at the London In Moscow film festival. Director Martha Fiennes will attend and take part in a discussion with filmmaker Renata Litvinova about “women in modern cinema.” Onegin, Martha’s debut film, will also screen at the festival.

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Rising to the Challenge: Damian Lewis, Film Interview – Feb 26, 2008

A Real Lewis Family Affair

by James Mottram | | February 26, 2008

The actor and producer of The Baker talks to James Mottram about family matters, the brutalising nature of working in LA and taking control of his own destiny.

Damian Lewis is pacing back and forth across his London hotel suite. ‘I’ve drunk a lot of cappuccino,’ he says, running his hands through that distinct crop of red hair. When he finally sits, he starts playing with a ball of Blu Tack that he gets all over his fingers, forcing him to dash to the bathroom to wipe them clean. If it’s a case of nerves, it’s understandable: his first film as actor-producer, The Baker, is due out this week. Written and directed by his younger brother Gareth, it’s a real Lewis family affair. ‘Let’s hope more people than just the family go and see it,’ he retorts. ‘I have a big family, though I don’t think it’ll quite do the numbers.’

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Let’s Dance – Fall 2005

Damian Lewis at The Dorchester

by Natalie Theo | Factory Magazine | Fall Issue, 2005

Damian Lewis really wants to be Widow Twanky. Thankfully Factory has asked him to camp it up as an all-dancing James Bond hero for its shoot at the Dorchester Hotel’s London ballroom. “I went through a lot of pantomime when I was young – I mostly wanted to be Widow Twanky”. Well, as I say, thank God we are more 007 today. You see I am blushingly helping Damian Lewis into a pair of elegant black Ralph Lauren trousers, shirt and diamond studded De Beers cufflinks. We are tucked away in the dark refines of the Dorchester ballroom’s coat check cubicle.

The men’s loos are unavailable for trouser tucking. Better to be tucking him into a Ralph Lauren number rather than a figure moulding pair of panto tights. Lewis has gamely agreed to swirl six dashing young actresses dripping in De Beers diamonds and slinking about in Ralph Lauren eveningwear for the day with his very own barman, sent along on orders from Dublin courtesy of Jameson Irish Whiskey, to see him through. His lead role as Major Richard Winters in HBO’s Band of Brothers, produced and part directed by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, precedes a slew of feature films due for September and early 2006 releases: Lasse Hallstrom’s An Unfinished Life; Brides produced by Martin Scorsese; Lodge Kerrigan’s Keane; Phillip Haas’ The Situation; and Martha Fiennes Chromophobia. So I can’t quite believe Widow Twanky is the be all and end all of the ultimate hero situation.

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Damian Lewis attends ‘Chromophobia’ Press Conference at Cannes Film Festival, May 21, 2005