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  • The BBC Film Network has filed a report on UK films premiering at the Sundance Film Festival that includes video interviews with the cast and crew of The Escapist. The interviews include discussions with writer/director Rupert Wyatt, producer Adrian Sturges, Brian Cox and other cast members and also this interview with co-star Damian Lewis. The clips are also available for download from the Multimedia page. (Thanks to snafu1940 for the heads-up and thanks to Kaz for the clips!)
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  • Information about Damian Lewis was included in this recent “Ask Stacy” article on
  • The Damian Lewis Yahoo! Group was launched on September 24, 2001 during the initial US run of Band of Brothers on HBO. There are now more than 4,400 members in the group but did you ever wonder how it all got started? Click here to read an explanation from Selene, the site’s creator and administrator – and a big thank you to Selene! 🙂