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  • You magazine is featuring a fascinating new interview with the lovely and brilliant actress Helen McCrory that includes information about her life, career, and family life with husband Damian Lewis.

    Ms. McCrory is currently busy filming the role of Narcissa Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and her new movie with Daniel Craig titled Flashbacks of a Fool will premiere in London on April 13th followed by a general release on the 18th. She will also star onstage at the Almeida in Ibsen’s Rosmersholm that will run from May 15th to July 5th.

  • A new video advertisement for the 2008-09 NBC Super Season includes clips from season 1 of Life starring Damian Lewis.
  • Click here for the press release from THINKfilm about the acquisition of the North American distribution rights for The Escapist featuring Damian Lewis.
  • This Eye for Film review of The Escapist describes Damian Lewis’s character as “the camp but ruthless head con Rizza” and says that “Macintosh and Lewis provide fine menace and malice as well, especially with the latter’s icy cruelty.” The reviewer’s comments about the film include:

    “The Escapist is the stylish and impressively contained debut from British writer and director Rupert Wyatt. Not only has he delivered a first film that makes you want to see his second, he’s done it by injecting a degree of freshness into one of the most staple of genres, the prison escape movie…

    Ultimately, this is a simple story with, as in any prison break movie, the freedom vs. incarceration circumstances a base for many a theme. Escapism, atonement and the four R’s – redemption, release, regret and responsibility – flow around the paternal Frank to good effect. Combined with Benjamin Wallfisch’s diverse score pulsing throughout, this all makes for proficient entertainment that marks Wyatt out as a filmmaker to watch.”

  • Here’s a bit of interesting trivia for you; Damiana is the name of an herbal aphrodisiac that is said to “induce a dream-like state of euphoria that can spark sexual desire.” But there’s no need to take a drug for that! Just peruse images of the herb’s namesake in the Photo Gallery Warehouse for the same effect! 😆