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  • Thanks to lulubellnyc for sharing her great scans of the May 2008 Empire feature for The Escapist starring Damian Lewis.

  • In a new interview Escapist co-star Dominic Cooper reveals that he is very proud of the film. “It was shot in 26 days,” he says. “So rushed and so brilliant.”

  • The NBC/Universal site has posted a new thumbnail photo of Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews in “Everything…All the Time” episode 2.02 of Life.

    Note: the NBC/U site still shows Life as broadcasting on Wednesday nights but it will move to Friday when season 2 premieres on October 3rd.

  • Season 2 of Life will also debut on October 3rd for Canadian Global TV viewers. 😀

  • Australia’s Network Ten has announced that they will “…premiere the new seasons of Life, NCIS and House concurrently with their US broadcasts.” ➡