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  • Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi are featured in NBC’s new Time to Chime promo for the 2008 fall season that will include season 2 of Life. Damian and the cast of Life also appear in the NBC Primetime Preview which is now available for online viewing along with the previously released Super Season promo.

  • In preparation for the September 29th season 2 debut of Life NBC has updated the show’s fan site as well as the NBC/Universal media site with new cast photos, a revised show description, and by adding the “Television’s Most Fascinating Detective” promo to the show’s video “Widget” available on the Take It page.

  • Below are excerpts from a report written by a viewer who recently saw The Escapist with Damian Lewis on a flight to the UK (the film is currently available on British Air and Virgin Atlantic flights). It certainly sounds like a fabulous film! 😀

    “Now if you enjoy light weight movies, there’s no point in reading anymore, because this was the opposite. I was glued from the moment it started…The Escapist is what I would call a modernized, updated reinterpretation of Escape from Alcatraz with a much better soundtrack, more intense storyline, more vivid characters, and more stunning visuals – and it’s set not even remotely close to Alcatraz. I was completely blown away by The Escapist, in all aspects, and I’m still recovering from how amazing it was…

    The Escapist uses two parallel storylines that eventually converge to build the film. The first is showing the escape in progress, while the second is showing all of the events leading up to the escape and the preparation. Rupert Wyatt’s editing techniques involve cutting between the storylines at moments where the location or the actor’s actions were similar, something that mesmerized me every time. Great editing combined with an incredibly rich visual style, a riveting and inspiring story, one of the best scores I’ve heard in ages, and uncanny performances have resulted in my new favorite escape movie. The Escapist is a bold, energetic, intense, and inspiring film that surprised and impressed me more than almost any film at Sundance…

    Not only is Frank Perry’s story actually interesting (for once), but the remaining visual and aural elements outweigh the story in order to turn it into a fascinating film. Rupert Wyatt has considered all aspects of the prison atmosphere: the sound work in this is some the best all year (and deserves an Oscar nomination) and the rich visuals perfectly define this claustrophobic London prison. If you’re a prison break movie fan in the slightest, then The Escapist deserves more than your undivided attention.

    I’ve got to give a special shout out to Benjamin Wallfisch, who’s work on the score in this incredible. The music in this is half of what made it so awesome. The music in The Escapist reminds me of Tyler Bate’s 300 score, that was energetic, intense, and upbeat.
    Bravo Benjamin Wallfisch for composing one of my favorite scores of 2008.

    All I’m gonna add is wow, it was brilliant. Best film I’ve seen for ages, not that I’ve seen many, but this was worth the wait.”