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  • NBC is now promoting the September 2nd release of the season 1 DVD for Life on the show’s official site.

    (Note: this is a region 1 DVD that will only play on multi-region and region 1 DVD players – US and Canada.)

  • Spoiler warning! Click here for the second casting call for episode 2.08 of Life titled “Black Friday.”

  • Thanks to Ryanne for sharing this link for a font that is very similar/identical to the font used for the titles of Life and which may be may be useful for creating wallpapers, icons, videos, etc.

  • Director Lodge Kerrigan will present his brilliant film Keane starring Damian Lewis at the Lebanese Film Festival in Beirut on August 24th; click here, here, and here for more information.

  • A viewer shared these comments about Damian Lewis’s performance as Rizza in The Escapist:

    “…Damian Lewis was really effective as a twisted psychopath.” 😆

    “Loved his role. He is so different on the tv series “Life”. I’d like to see him in more features. He was very good in Band of Brothers. I liked seeing him play a sick heavy…Brian Cox is a fantastic actor and I found the story compelling. I hope it does well.”

  • This video clip from Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking features Helen McCrory as an American psychologist named Mrs. Vandeleur. Michael Fassbender who played Sgt. Christensen in Band of Brothers is also featured. (Warning: the plot of the show includes subjects such as murder, abduction, and deviant sexual obsession.)