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  • Eline from Brazil reported that although season 1 of Life starring Damian Lewis will premiere on AXN in Latin America on September 3rd; the Brazilian Record network has been running the series on Monday nights (the 4th episode aired tonight.) She also indicated that press for the show has been positive! 😀

  • Reminder for Life fans in the New York City area! Reserve your free tickets for the September 15th NYTVF screening of Life online starting at noon on September 2, 2008.

  • Jenna Bensoussan published a 4.5 star review about Life at ACED Magazine that included these comments:

  • “Damian Lewis does an amazing job pulling this character together. His ability to make this zen-seeking crime-stopper funny, open-minded and razor sharp is uncanny. It is his constant inner struggle in combination with the exterior conflict in every show that keeps an audience coming back for more. Every episode we seem to come closer and closer to the people that set him up all of those years ago, and every episode you think you know who is involved only to find out things are not always what they seem in this storyline.”

  • Damian Lewis fans in the US are receiving shipping notification from Amazon for the region 1, Life – Season One DVD that will be released on September 2nd. ➡

  • In an interview for the spring 2008 Royal Shakespeare Company production of Taming of the Shrew actor William Beck spoke of the influence of Damian Lewis and other RSC alumni on his decision to study acting:

    Q: “Being from the area (Stratford), did you visit the RSC much when you were younger?”

    WB: “No! I was taken to see shows as a student, but then when I first started thinking about becoming at actor, I came again. I remember seeing Little Eyolf and Henry VIII, so it must have been the mid 90s. I saw Damian Lewis and Ian Hogg …and Darrell D’Silva, and you couldn’t see three better guys.

    And this was my town, a place where I went out drinking – and to think that at the other end of town there was all this going on. It was an exciting discovery. And I think sometimes the town can take the theatre for granted.”

  • A uniform worn by Damian Lewis in Band of Brothers is up for auction on eBay and the current bid is £700 British Pounds or $1273 US Dollars!

  • This unusual music video from gsbohn highlights leading men who have appeared in popular, period dramas. It teases the viewer with close-ups of their necks, cravats, and chins before revealing the full head shots! See if you can spot 3 pictures of Damian Lewis from The Forsyte Saga.