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  • Spoilers! Visit the Warehouse to view new HQ photos from Life episode 2.15 titled “I Heart Mom” which is scheduled to broadcast in the US on NBC on February 18, 2009 (source: SpoilerTV).

  • In this review of Life Michael Storey says that:

    “Life has been a surprise hit for many observers. It was unexpected, as are most hits. What seemed like just another police procedure show has resonated with the audience…What makes the show stand out? As with any successful series, it’s the characters. We return to a program week after week because we care about the characters and want to see what they are up to next. Check out Life and if you find the characters interesting, put it on your watch list.”

  • Don’t miss it! Life finally returns to US television on Wednesday, February 4th on NBC with episode 2.13 “Re-Entry”. ➡

  • Major spoiler warnings (especially the last 2 pages!) Check out the Warehouse to view loads of new screencaps of Damian Lewis as the evil Rizza in The Escapist! 😀 (Thanks to dj!)

  • In Scandanavia Canal+ will continue to broadcast The Baker starring Damian Lewis throughout February and March; click here for the schedule.

  • Thanks to FunnLim for introducing us to a cool new game called The Akinator, answer the questions and see if the Genie can guess the name of your favorite actor! He correctly guessed my favorite actor, Damian Lewis (and my favorite character, Charlie Crews!)