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  • Damian Lewis is “Number 28” on BuddyTVs new list of TV’s 50 Sexiest Men! ➡

    Of course, he’s always “Number 1” on our list! Click here for the article at the Warehouse.

  • Spoilers! Click here for Life updates from E! Online including the news that Gabrielle Union will temporarily replace Sarah Shahi (Dani Reese) as Charlie’s partner during Sarah’s (real-life) pregnancy.

    In the interview Life creator and executive producer Rand Ravich says that there has been no news about a 3rd season for the program. 🙁

    Fans are encouraged to log comments supporting Life and to tell NBC to keep this wonderful program on the air!

    And also tell NBC to promote it! And to let Charlie Crews grow his hair out a little!

  • Spoilers for Life episode 2.13 “Re-Entry” which aired in the US last night on NBC.

    Fans of Band of Brothers will be pleased to see another cast member appearing on Life. Richard Speight Jr. who played Pvt. Skip Muck on Band of Brothers made a guest appearance on last night’s show. There were also other subtle references to the series (e.g., “Charlie Crews says to ‘hang tough’!”)

    Let’s hope that we will get to see many more of the “Brothers” working together again!

  • This review of Life says:

    “Life,” in a crowded field of crime-related procedurals, is unique. Like its lead character, Los Angeles detective Charlie Crews (played by Damian Lewis), this low-key show is laconic, witty, refreshingly curious and instinctively averse to melodrama. In other words, “Life” is good company.

  • In the UK FX will re-broadcast season one of Life starting February 10th:

    » Episode 1.01 Merit Badge – Tues Feb 10th at 2100, repeated Thurs Feb 12th at 2300

    » Episode 1.02 Tear Assunder – Tues February 17th at 2100

  • Thanks to Lalashelli for this link for an interesting British Airways HighLife interview with Helen McCrory. She’s a very well-traveled and cosmopolitan Lady! 🙂