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  • Spoilers! Click above to view the trailer for Life episode 2.14 titled “Mirror Ball” which will air in the US on NBC on February 11, 2009 (source: SpoilerTV.)

  • Spoiler warning! Thanks to dj for the terrific new screencaps for Life episode 2.13 “Re-Entry” which aired in the US on February 4, 2009.

  • More spoilers! NBC Universal has posted new thumbnail still photos from Life episode 2.16 “Hit Me Baby” that will air in the US on February 25th.

  • Canada’s Global television network is running Life on Wednesday nights at 9pm (ET). Global is also offering online viewing of recent episodes.

  • Season One of Life starring Damian Lewis was released in the UK on DVD on February 2nd; this Hertfordshire Mercury review of the show says:

    “Life satisfies on a variety of levels – it’s got a quirky sensibility, isn’t afraid to get up close to the unpleasantness, has a fascinating central character in Charlie Crews (Brit abroad Damian
    Lewis) and features a self-contained case in each episode while also letting slip a few more clues and details concerning the series’ major story arc…Lewis does a great job of playing Crews, making him credibly offbeat and randomly philosophical yet also a solid, intuitive cop; he’s a likeable loon, but at the same time gives just enough of a hint that, maybe, he really is unbalanced enough to have killed…This three-disc set features all 11 episodes plus extras including interviews, selected commentaries and features. Season two can’t come around fast enough”

  • Sonny has posted HQ photos of Damian Lewis in the BBC’s 2002 political spoof titled Jeffrey Archer: The Truth.

  • Do a good deed for Damian Lewis’s birthday!

    Damian’s birthday is on February 11th and fans are asked to perform a special act of charity or kindness in his honor this month; click here to read all about it.