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  • Click above to watch a collection of “Charlie Crews Quotes” from season 1 that were posted on YouTube by AmandaBear1988. It may some offer temporary relief for your acute Life withdrawal symptoms! 🙁

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  • Thanks to GroovMonkey for sharing this link for the July 16th Australian theatrical release of The Escapist with Damian Lewis.

    The Escapist was recently released in New Zealand and Graeme Tuckett of the Dominion Post calls the film “a highly recommended thriller” and said that :

    Debutant director Rupert Wyatt has scored himself a Hollywood directing contract with this film, and I am not surprised. The Escapist does everything a prison thriller should do, with a minimum of fuss.

    Blogger Brad Kreft from New Zealand raved about The Escapist saying:

    The director wields suspense with the skill and potency of Hitchcock, heightening the intensity of scenes with manipulative camera-angles and a flawless use of sound. This uncanny control of the audience may be one of the hardest boxes to tick on the filmmaker’s checklist, yet this task is accomplished with ease throughout. While suspense may be the director’s signature play, a twist ending is his victory salute. Possessing a final-scene plot twist worthy of rivaling The Sixth Sense in surprise factor, The Escapist concludes with a final triumphant punch from the filmmakers who know they have created a brilliant film.

    In the US The Escapist is available as a “Video On Demand” TV feature through June 30, 2009.